China Mobile’s Peaceful Village Initiative tends to make China’s rural area safer by intelligent monitoring facilities

In China, the rural governance has been increasingly emphasized. As the saying goes that “well governance of the rural area contributes to the well-being of the citizen and the nation”, efforts should be made to eliminate the rural poverty, improve villagers’ livelihood, and enhance public security.

Being one of the largest telecom operators worldwide, China Mobile assumes the social responsibility, contributes to the national “Peaceful China Initiative”, for which the Peaceful Village Initiative was implemented. The Smart Home Operation Centre of China Mobile is continuously exploring the application scenarios of intelligence security in rural governance. It packed AI capabilities including facial recognition, motion detection, and time-clip editing to safeguard rural courtyards, fish ponds, orchards, shops, as well as the elderly and children, etc. 

In Sankongqiao Community, the informal settlement area of Enshi, Hubei, where the implementation of Peaceful Village initiative has brought an entire set of management system for residents. The system integrated security monitoring, early warning monitoring, and legal services. Monitoring facilities both at private gateways and on public roads are interconnected, embedded with facial recognition of special personnel and smoke detection. Once an emergency occurs, the system will immediately inform residents and community staff, automatically alarm, prevent residents from any danger.

Lingtou Village and Qinyang Village in Yongtai County, Fujian Province, are two remote and impoverished villages regarding fruit tree planting as the primary industry. Previously, sort of families there without access of broadband were still rely on the satellites to watch TV.  With the construction of the Peaceful Village Initiative, broadband has been introduced to villagers’ households which has successfully solved this network problem. Moreover, security surveillance is providing intelligent care for the villagers’ orchards, effectively avoiding orchard theft and reducing the villagers’ economic losses while allowing them to devote more time to production.

In 2019, there was an accumulation of 290 million migrant workers in China. On the other side of the huge number, it represented the unignorable problem of left-behind children and elderly people in the broad rural area.

The Peaceful Village Initiative has equipped the families of migrant workers with cameras, which enable them to track the living condition of the elderly and children in their homes through a smart phone app for the purpose of intercom at any time. It will also transmit alarm messages to the user’s smart phone whenever the elderly and children are in danger, in order to keep abreast of the family members at home from time to time, and to meet the needs of migrant workers concerning the care of the elderly and children at home.  

At present, the Peaceful Village Initiative has been launched in 31 provinces and cities across China, supporting the construction of public security surveillance in more than 30,000 administrative villages. It has completed the connection of the Skynet, Sharp Eyes’ platform, cooperated with the provincial public security system to facilitate the investigation of criminal cases, thereby enhancing the efficiency of public security investigations. Therefore, the Initiative encourages the Government to strengthen social governance by information technology means and to take public services to the “end of the line” in the rural area.

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