Multitalented Entertainer, Jojo Tua, Starts Own YouTube Channel

Multitalented Entertainer, Jojo Tua, Starts Own YouTube Channel

December 3, 2020 Fresh off the success of his recent second single, “Space Jams”, rising star Jojo Tua has announced the launch of his YouTube channel this December. JoJo’s creativity knows no bounds as an actor, dancer, singer, and social media influencer making waves on Instagram with over 113K followers and growing. The young star has now set his sets on YouTube with a channel inspired by hit TV shows “The Office” and “Parks and Recs”.

Jojo Tua needs no introduction. Ever since he debuted as Michael Dishon, an emphatic character in A&E Network’s documentary drama show “Cold Case Files” and performed alongside John Cena at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2017, the young star has grown over the years in popularity. While he is best known for his recurring co-star role in the HBO, hit series Euphoria, what gained him fame and exposure was performing in 2017 at the Teen Choice Awards alongside Lil Yachty and Kyle.

Since then, Jojo Tua has also worked with artists like Cameo Sherrell, Erica Denise Curry, Chuanda Mason, Sébastien Charmant, and Morgan Parsons, including acting alongside his brother Mikey Tua and appearing in his music videos. According to the artist himself, Jojo’s most significant achievements are his two latest single releases, “Sommer Ray,” a successful debut hit in June 2020, and the recently released “Space Jams.” In both, he has come of age as a star performer with the promise of a bright future in the entertainment industry.

When asked about his unstoppable rise to fame at such a young age, Jojo explains how he is driven by passion and hard work to reach his goals. About what inspires him, he says:

“If I have to say, my family, without a doubt. They’re the people you go to for advice and the first people you share good and bad news with. They’re the people that push you to do more, try harder, and inspire you to become the person you want to be.”

Jojo Tua was born in Silverdale, Washington. From a young age he was cast in small roles in both Film and TV for short films like Street Ships, Please Smile, and The Deserted. Since then, Tua is now an established entertainer, actor, and singer attaining celebrity status on a global scale. trending social media influencer on Instagram, supporters can now catch Jojo Tua on his newly launched YouTube channel that aims to be another platform fans should not miss. Jojo Tua is a celebrity driven by ideals, and likes to voice his favorite quote that is reflective of the current status:

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. – William Shakespeare.

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