Dolphin Data Lab Launches New DVR NVR HVR CCTV Data Recovery Tools Worldwide

Dolphin Data Lab, among the leading data recovery tools suppliers worldwide, has begun shipping the latest Dolphin DVR Pro data recovery tool. The Business Version for DVR HDDs, NVR HDDs, or storage of HVR and CCTVs including SD cards is available for shipping by DHL express to worldwide users.

Get the trial version of the DVR CCTV tool by sending an email to: [email protected] 

The Dolphin DVR Pro Business Version is specially designed for use by data recovery services, forensics firms, law enforcement agencies, data centers, and other professional users. This is the latest tool to recover data from HDDs and SDs of DVRs, NVRs, HVRs, and CCTVs. The tool allows access to normal surveillance videos, recovery of videos lost by accidental deletion, malicious deletion, surveillance HDD or SD format, or surveillance device initialization.

Among its features, users get support for 55 video surveillance systems, and fast or deep analysis for surveillance HDDs and SD cards or to recover lost videos. When dealing with huge video data or a large number of videos, users can quickly target specific videos by date and time filters. The analysis can be stopped at any time and then continued again from where it had stopped the last time. Detailed reports are saved in the preset working directory.

For those video surveillance systems not currently supported, users can image 20GB of the DVR SD card or the HDDs of NVR, HVR, or CCTV and share it with the Dolphin engineers. The team will add the needed support for the upgrade in a short time. A 3-year software upgrade is offered to all users.

Dolphin Data Lab is being chosen by more and more wise data recovery engineers who get not only the tools and software from us but the mode of success in data recovery,” says a spokesperson for Dolphin Data Lab.

Data recovery tools from Dolphin Data Lab are shipped to over 140 countries. The services offered rely on professional tools, timely upgrades, complete tech support, and additions to recovery resources. Among the more popular data recovery tools from Dolphin Data Lab are the DFL series 

Before the purchase, users can use the DVR CCTV data recovery software trial version to see if the videos can be recovered or not. For any queries, please write to [email protected] or add Dolphin Skype ID:


Dolphin Data Lab is one of the world’s leading data recovery tools manufacturers and suppliers, offering complete data recovery solutions, training courses and tools for people who are going to start a data recovery business, grow data recovery capabilities and set up in-house data recovery center.

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