Feet ‘N Beyond of New Jersey Introduces Minimally Invasive Solutions that Transform Foot Deformities

For this team of health experts, excellent foot health brings people places no matter how young or old they may be.

Foot problems may cause a lot of pain and limit a person’s mobility. Feet ‘N Beyond of New Jersey believes that minimally invasive surgery – the modern technology and techniques are highly crucial in foot care. Thus, the in-office surgical suite introduces its medical services for foot care to help patients with their foot deformities. Its highly-trained physicians, Dr. Helene T. Nguyen, and Dr. Yong J. Zhu, offer minimally invasive surgery to patients, with no hardware needed, and walking throughout the recovery process.

“Transform your feet, transform your life,” a spokesperson of Feet ‘N Beyond shared. Bunion and hammertoes are some of the most common foot deformities, according to Dr. Nguyen. These deformities are caused by an inherited faulty foot structure, arthritis or the wearing of ill-fitted shoes, among others. Such conditions result in discomfort or worse, difficulty walking. With decades of experience, Feet ‘N Beyond fully understands the requirements of these disorders and ensures to offer both surgically and non-surgical treatment options.

Apart from bunions and hammertoes, minimally invasive surgery is the solution for a broad range of foot deformities like flat feet, heel pain, and stiff toes are exclusively offered at Feet ‘N Beyond surgical suite. The team guarantees patient-centered consultations and an exceptional standard of podiatric care performed by experts and highly-trained physicians.

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About Feet ‘N Beyond of New Jersey

Feet ‘N Beyond of New Jersey is managed by two highly-trained podiatrists, Dr. Helene T. Nguyen and Dr. Yong J. Zhu using advanced technology and techniques. Feet ‘N Beyond boasts its expertise in performing minimally invasive foot surgery.


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