Internetetsecurite explains the basic concepts of VPNs

Internetetsecurite explains the basic concepts of VPNs

December 3, 2020 – Upgrading security and privacy features on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones is more of a necessity than ever with the growing threats of cyber attacks. With such a growing dependency on the world wide web, Internetetsecurite has revealed the basics of VPNs and how to use them in order to enhance online security at home and in the workplace. 

“VPNs are continually misconstrued as being expensive additions which provide overpaid services to enable basic security features, this simply is not the case,” CEO of Internetetsecurite explains. “VPNs have an amazing capability to provide measurable enhancements to security systems which would otherwise fall victim to the ever-increasing amount of hackers on the market.”

For those on the market thinking about putting more effort into the protection of their devices at home or in the office, VPNs offer a user-friendly interface that can make such a big difference to the level of safety for chosen devices.

In their content regarding the basics of VPNs, Internetetsecurite explains that Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are essentially pieces of software that can be installed on to any chosen device such as a computer or smartphone and have the ability to connect the user to the Internet through an entirely separate device. With a connection being made to the Internet through a remote device direct links to the user are much more difficult to find.

“All connections through VPN services are encrypted so the access to the said session is limited,” continues CEO of Internetetsecurite. “Specially designed passwords are provided in order to ensure enhanced security from the off and these passwords are only provided to the owner of the Internet session, whether that be for work or entertainment purposes.”

In addition to the 16 or 32-bit passwords integrated into the start of any VPN session, there are further safety and security solutions built into the framework with firewalls and virus protection as standard. 

A popular trend of VPNs is also the lack of tracking abilities. Where cookies are usually the norm for following users around the Internet, the premium levels of security and privacy built into a VPN prevent any trace from being left behind, so once an online session is complete, the user cuts the connection and no data is retrievable.

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