Norwegian Launches Its Liberal Streaming & Broadcast Services

Norwegian Launches Its Liberal Streaming & Broadcast Services

December 3, 2020 – At Personvern Panettet Global Ltd the excitement has begun as the software firm has just announced it has fast-tracked its approval procedures giving its clientele more options to watch international TV and sports channels as well as listen to radio stations.

One of the goals of Personvern Panettet Global Ltd is to help Both English speaking ex-pats that live and work in Norway as well as Norwegians that live overseas to have access to entertainment back in their home country. This could be NetFlix, Popcorn, BBC iPlayer for Brits, HBO for US citizens, or access to home cable or satellite TV.

Head of research at Personvern Panettet explained; “One of the main issues many ex-pats face when trying to get a taste of home entertainment on their smart TV, smartphones, tablet, or even their desktop/laptop devices is the geo-blocks many of these entertainment websites place on their content – we here at Personvern Panettet Global aim to break down these barriers and provide seamless access to our clientele to sports, movie, series, radio, and cable channels that use geo-locations for content or to block content.

The process of speeding up the approval of safe software is amazingly simple. It was an exciting but easy process that meant the alignment of the Personvern Panettet research team and quality checks departments using a bespoke in-house collaboration tool.

Everyone in the firm including managing directors, sales managers, researchers, and techies is all connected. Projects can be created, timelines and actions added so everyone knows when it is their turn to make their contribution. This is as opposed to using an outdated email approach with no email alerts or alarms.

Now research can make suggestions, researchers can investigate their area of expertise, and the development and review teams can study the research data and add comments before sending this off to marketing and content specialists who communicate directly with the firm’s clients.

This methodology speeds up the process of approving software that can be used safely to stream international entertainment not just from anywhere in the world.

Our customers can be in any country around the globe and use approved Personvern Panettet software brands to access. However, they need options, they want to know about the latest technology changes, what’s new on the market, and meanwhile they also want to know where they can save costs. With faster approval times, now we can offer them more options every month giving them a valuable resource to information and a trustworthy brand to deliver those resources to them”.

In short, clientele now receives cost-effective options that have been fully approved by Personvern Panettet after rigorous cross-examination by software experts. From here, public-facing PR experts can then put the research into easy to understand information that the clients can understand and absorb to make the right decision.

About Personvern Panettet Global

Personvern Panettet Global is an entertainment and tech firm based out of Norway that has taken to solving issues for those that want to use entertainment websites from around the world without having to use complex and sometimes unsafe methods. The team at Personvern Panettet has carefully packed software products together to help its clientele find the best way to access TV, radio, sports, and music overseas safely using an uninterrupted software service.


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