TintheL Is All Set To Release His First Unique Version Of Extended Play

TintheL Is All Set To Release His First Unique Version Of Extended Play
Extended Play is a mini version of an album that contains more songs than a single but is not called an album. TintheL, the EDM music producer, is about to release his first Extended Play.

The attitude booster and survival kit for many is music. Based on their mood, preference, and likes, individuals enjoy multiple styles of music. One thing, though, is that music often induces a particular environment and atmosphere. It soothes exhausted bodies and restless hearts, helping them to feel alive and immediately revived. In comparison, others use it in loneliness or as a way of fun to pass the time.

There is an exhaustive list of ways music can be used and the benefits of listening to music. Therapists firmly stand by the belief that music is a beautiful relief for stress and tension. Music is a magnificent medium of art for many people that not everybody can make. Today, people commonly use music to chill and dance with friends and family.

There are different styles and types of music created by musicians and music composers. Some popular music styles and genres are pop, jazz, acoustic, EDM, folk, rock, and country music. Typically, pop is played through electronic instruments and is popular amongst most people. It comprises shorter, faster songs that are easy to recall with a solid rhythm and basic melodies. Acoustic is, electronically unmodified, pure version of the song. EDM is a remix of beats used for dances, parties, and concerts. Country music is predominantly string-accompanied American popular music form and genre in harmony. It is usually simple and exemplified by sensual or melancholy ballads followed by acoustic or electrical instruments.


TintheL is set to release his first EP called RISE-PECTAC on 4th December. RISE-PECTAC is not any ordinary EP; it is a unique combination of music in different genres and styles. TintheL made the main song in the EDM genre and then added other pop, country, trap, acoustic, and cinematic music genres. So, basically, the EP will feature six different music genres that contribute to the name RISE-PECTAC. Each letter indicates another genre; P is for Pop, E is for EDM, C is for Country, T is for Trap, A is for Acoustic and C is for Cinematic. This is a first of its kind EP in the music industry as previously different versions of songs were created. However, they couldn’t be heard in the same song simultaneously. RISE-PECTAC will surely change the way people look at music and introduce something fresh and new in the market. Listen to the song on Spotify.


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