Creative Biolabs Boosts Biotherapeutics Discovery with End-to-end Antibody-protein Integrated Platforms

With rich experience, Creative Biolabs provides antibody and protein integrated platform-based solutions, covering antibody discovery, engineering, production, structural and biochemical characterization, bioassays, in vivo animal testing, manufacture and development, and IND regulatory services.

New York, USA – December 3, 2020 – Therapeutic antibodies, most of which are monoclonal antibodies, are bio-pharmaceuticals used to treat diseases like cancer by recognizing and binding to antigen receptors to activate or inhibit biological processes for blocking cancer cell activity or triggering the immune system. Different from small molecule pharmaceutical, therapeutic antibody or protein is characterized by high specificity, high affinity, and low immunogenicity. Creative Biolabs optimizes worldwide customers’ antibody/protein drug discovery and development processes in relevant fields, involving antibody discovery, engineering, production, structural and biochemical characterization, bioassays, in vivo animal testing, manufacture and development, and IND regulatory related fields to better accommodate the requests on developing novel immunotherapies.

One of the highlights is the gene expression profiling service that is offered at the DNA or RNA levels to identify novel drugs, allowing for a molecular level investigation of the tumor microenvironment. At Creative Biolabs, scientists apply diversified technology platforms specifically according to research purposes, which include Affymetrix, Agilent, and Illumina for gene array analysis, and next-generation sequencing, single cell sequencing, and in situ sequencing of fixed tissue for RNA-seq analysis. The entire workflow starts from array data extraction, which is then followed by data normalization, statistical testing, sequencing analysis, and after accomplishment a thorough final report will be issued.

Determining the efficacy of a pharmaceutically active substance can never be separated from biological testings, among which the immunoassays are popular among pharmaceutical partners comparatively. Immunoassay is the accurate and intuitive way of protein and antibody activity detection, and its work of mechanism is established on the basis of the binding ability of an antibody. Both labeled immunoassay (e.g. radioimmunoassay, counting immunoassay, enzyme immunoassays (EIA) or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, fluorescence immunoassay) and label-free immunoassay services are offered, which can satisfy diverse research purposes.

Holding years of experience gained through successful projects, Creative Biolabs is now looking for partners to exert expertise to co-develop a variety of Next-IO™ programs, such as cell-related therapeutics, APC-related therapeutics, and NK cell-related therapeutics, and has the confidence to assist with the entire pipeline from target discovery to preclinical studies, and even IND application.

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is an all-round service provider of biotechnology which keeps providing considerate and conscientious solutions for worldwide clients in the industry of pharmacy, medical, and institute. With elite scientists and technicians, Creative Biolabs has built a team that can handle tricky projects, and tailor the proposal case by case. Holding the expertise, the biotechnology solution provider is open to global cooperation about novel therapeutics development in a manner of technology transfer.

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