New York Entrepreneur Pioneers Germ Fighting Electrostatic Tool, SaniSprayer360, to Keep Facilities Safe

Entrepreneur Evan “The Biz”, Founder of SaniPro and the SaniSprayer360 Electrostatic Sprayer, has an effective, efficient solution for fighting disease causing germs in facilities.

New York, NY – The fight against disease-causing germs is of paramount importance today, and one New York entrepreneur has taken on the challenge. Evan “The Biz” has come up with a new line of electrostatic sprayers to make facilities free from germs of all sizes in a safe and easy manner. The SaniSprayer360 electrostatic sprayer does the job well with its innovative technology, and is attracting attention in the US and worldwide.

SaniSprayer360 is a groundbreaking piece of technology that has been offered to large companies and schools and facilities to create a hygienic and safe working environment. The clients include Fortune 500 companies, hotel chains, airlines, and school districts, as well as the US military, nursing facilities, sports arenas, and commercial spaces like restaurants and retail stores. 

Evan, who has founded SaniPro and other companies, not only developed the electrostatic sprayer but also took a lead by marketing the product, outdoing brands like Clorox and others. Behind the venture was a desire to help his hometown New York City and its badly hit economy. It took Evan only a few months to come out with the sprayer.

SaniSprayer360 makes disinfectants more effective and more efficient. This is done by spraying an actively charged solution and using 75% less chemical to help eliminate germs and viruses. The electrostatic sprayer is portable as well as cordless and can disinfect spaces up to 40,000 sq ft. in an hour. In a time where thousands of businesses are closing their doors around the country, Evan’s business offers hope to reopen their doors with a safe solution.

Evan “The Biz” has earned repute for consistently scaling businesses to multimillion-dollar status. He has proven himself in business as a successful developer, film producer, host, designer, manufacturer, mentor, and advisor. He is an ‘entrepreneur’s entrepreneur’; a futurist with vision, innovation, and the desire to help his community.

SaniPro provides disinfectant solutions to cleanse human environments. With the launch of The SaniSprayer360, Evan has revolutionized the way businesses and spaces can sanitize their facilities and keep everyone safe.

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