Fight children trafficking: I AM CREATOR is hosting a virtual event to raise funds for Stella’s Voice

Together people can support those victims in rebuilding their lives, and hopefully, one day, it will be stopped altogether.

I Am Creator’s Founder, Sri Akarshana’s Youtube Channel, has hit ONE MILLION subscribers. They decided to use this opportunity to extend a helping hand and, with the community, make a difference together. On the 5th of December, Project 1 Million will be held to raise awareness of trafficking and children’s exploitation. All the funds collected, after the administration fees, through Project 1 Million will be given to Stella’s Voice.

“In the next 30 seconds, a child will be sold into slavery.”

Hosted by Lucie England, Project 1 Million will be supported by international influencers: Alfie Sheard, Mei-Lan Maurits, Master Wong, Grand Master Akarshar, and Master Sri Akarshana.

£1 will be donated For Every Person Who Attends Project 1 Million

Master Sri Akarshana will donate £1 to Stella’s Voice for every person that joins in Project 1 Million and support their event throughout.


“In this meaningful event, beautiful souls from around the world come together to help the innocent affected by trafficking. I believe if all of us can take a moment out for the special cause, we can come together in love and unity to heal the world”, says Master Sri Akarshana.

Project 1 Million Video

PROJECT 1 MILLION is a Virtual Fundraising Event on the 5th of December, 2020

Support Project 1 Million

Stella was put out of the orphanage at 16 years of age and tragically died of AIDS at the age of 19 as a result of being trafficked. Stella will never speak again – her voice has been silenced, but people have determined that they will be ‘Stella’s Voice’ and will do all they can to prevent this from happening to others.

Stella’s Voice gives children going through the trauma a second chance; a home where they can complete their education and acquire life skills so they can learn how to stand on their feet again.


At Stella’s Voice, they work to prevent vulnerable young people in Moldova from being trafficked.

This is how they do it…

First, they remove the vulnerability – and they do this by providing them with a place to stay. A roof over their head, clothes on their back, and food in their bellies. Somewhere safe and secure that they can call home.

Then they help them with their education. Assisting them through school, college, and university or vocational training, and teaching them life skills. Teaching them how to look after a home, prepare and cook food, clean, do laundry, etc. Along with the practical things they do, they help them find hope again – dream and give them a future.

Their goal is to get the young person to the point where they are ready to leave them, move into their own home, know how to run a household and look after themselves, hold down a good job and take care of themselves. They work to make themselves eventually not needed any more.

Of course, they stay in contact with them once they leave and are there for support if it’s needed.


I Am Creator, founded by Master Sri Akarshana, is a global platform accessible for everyone. It brings together like-minded seekers of truth and knowledge to embark on a journey that will upgrade their lives to the next level.

To date, the I Am Creator team has reached out to 50 million lives across the globe to spread the message of LOVE, Knowledge, and Consciousness.

Their collective vision and passion is to positively impact a billion lives by 2022 through online education, LIVE training, and charitable movements.

Their team is an exciting mixture of communication coaches, yoginis, freedom lifestyle hackers, writers, web wealth wizards, relationship communicators, speakers, marketing gurus, self-love coaches, filmmakers, creative directors, and more!

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