Introducing the Jungle Collection by Inga Goodman and Daniella Platt

Gender-neutral collection designed by quarantined designers bring a universal message of hope.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – December 4, 2020 – Designer Inga Goodman and Apparel Strategist Daniella Platt announce the release of their Jungle Collection. After designing 100’s of brand marketing campaigns, The Jungle Collection is the first physical product Platt has brought to the market. The Jungle Collection was designed as a “spiritual tool kit” more than simple accessories, featuring animals and symbols of strength, empowerment and the powerful message, “Stop Playing Small, Play Big to Win”. The Jungle Collection will officially launch at Forbes Riley’s Excelly Gala on December 9, 2020.

This exclusive collection, called JUNGLE, features the jungle print of animals that millionaires and successful entrepreneurs harness to show up with high vibration to serve their clients and communities. The print will be designed on various items such as scarves and pillows. The central piece can be worn as a scarf, bandana, mask, and ascot. The item is bundled into a gift package that includes the scarf, an adult coloring book, and a video on style. A work of wearable art, there is symbolism in every inch of the Jungle Collection, from the tiger symbolizing intuition to the hammer in the corner representing destruction and creation simultaneously. This collection will serve as a mantra to those who want more in their businesses and their lives. The collection is available retail and wholesale.

The chief designer for her fashion line, Goodman is committed to style. Using bold prints and textures, she creates classic silhouettes with contemporary design aesthetics. On her website,, one can see the effortless sophistication in Goodman’s creations. Goodman believes, “Everyone should feel bold and chic. I want women and men to feel fantastic.” With that intent, she partnered with Platt to create the Jungle Collection.

Bestselling author of “Looking Good, Be A Sales Rockstar & Fashion Startup Playbook,” Platt passes along 20 years of tools and expertise inside the business of fashion and lifestyle to guide others to achieve. Today, Platt works with entrepreneurs and creatives, coaching and empowering them to create branded and promotional apparel to take their message to the world. On her website,, Platt also reveals her course on how anyone can have an apparel line and open doors to sales success, specifically adding a fashion line to a business to increase brand visibility and revenue. Determined to guide people to breakthrough ideas and exposure, Platt hopes that the Jungle Collection will bolster people toward their goals.

“2020 is the best worst year. We have been spending so much time on zoom with thought leaders and coaches, from Les Brown, Angel Tuccy, Albert Corey, and Forbes Riley, and the interconnectivity to people all over the world. The energy is oozing. We want everyone to feel this unity and power and take their greatness to the world.”

Goodman and Platt met on a Los Angeles manufacturing tour in 2018. The pair were united by their love of fashion and their drive to use style to empower people. They wanted to create a collaboration for men and women that would be uplifting and inspiring for today and forever.

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About Daniella Platt

Daniella Platt’s mission is to bring your art and heart to the world through creative marketing and branded apparel. An award-winning, top producer, Platt is known as a connector and for selling 100s of conceptual marketing campaigns for labels like Alternative, Cotton Inc, and Hugo Boss. In 2020, Platt released the #1 best-selling Looking Good, Be A Sales Rockstar & Fashion Startup Playbook, along with the apparel workshops, and is a co-contributor to the #1 best-selling book, 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success co-authored with Steven Samblis and Forbes Riley. Her portfolio includes selling advertising at the Apparel News, a Fashion Mannuscript journalist covering sustainability, women innovators and brand strategy, and recipient of Angel & Tina Morning Show Butterfly Award. A frequent speaker, Daniella Platt has spoken at Nashville Fashion Week, WWDMAGIC, Fashiondex Sustainable Forum, NavigateHER, and on podcasts teaching 3 ways anyone can have an apparel line and leadership, leadership, to enable others to achieve.

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About Inga Goodman

Inga Goodman is a creative director and fashion designer for the Inga Goodman brand. Inga is known for her distinctive one-of-a-kind lines, attractive silhouettes and rich textures bursting with bright prints. Born and raised in the Soviet Union, Goodman experienced lack of freedom first hand, and has been producing clothes since she was five years old. Her sewing machine and creativity led to her personal route of freedom, unlocking her power through fashion. Inga has been featured many times in Fashion Manuscript Magazine, the columns of Daniella Platt, and shared the stage with iconic Forbes Riley. She is a contributing author in the largest 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success.

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