New novel “The Optical Lasso” by Marc Corwin is released, a science fiction adventure story of an unlikely duo, mysterious power, and a galaxy-wide war that threatens to destroy Earth

“The Optical Lasso” was the 2020 Manhattan Book Award winner for Science Fiction. 

“The Optical Lasso” by Marc Corwin has been released worldwide. This 470-page science fiction novel follows two elite warriors with a tense, distrusting relationship as they fight to save Earth. The pair must learn to work together to uncover powerful secrets from across the solar system – as well as the galaxy – and combine forces to win the war that threatens to destroy their home planet. 

The Optical Lasso (ISBN: 9781735948737) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $20.95. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

From the back cover:

In the year 2140 CE, Planet 9, more commonly known as Vixus, has resurfaced on the edge of the Milky Way… the only known planet that periodically reverses its rotation. Last seen in the middle of the Kuiper Belt in 2066 CE, it mysteriously disappeared after being discovered by a Galactic Corps scout ship. The unknown energy source enabling Vixus to spin in opposite directions represented great power which could help turn the tide in a war Earth was losing.

The Fighting Fury, the Corps’ finest platoon, has been called in to conduct a search and rescue operation for several missing landing parties. Following a fierce battle on the planet surface, Lieutenant Janet “Cat” Miles, leader of this elite group of combat women, was captured. She soon found herself imprisoned with the Corps’ most fabled leader, Commander Jason Cody. His name would forever be linked to the infamous wormhole hidden on Neptune’s dark side; an area of space now cautiously avoided by all due to the menace which lurks within. 

Paranoia raced through both leaders’ minds. Could he trust a woman who seemingly had no imperfections? Could she trust a man who had vanished from sight years ago? Earth’s future laid in the balance as they struggled to overcome their mutual distrust and acknowledge what those before them understood: “If you live long enough, the wisdom will come.”

About the author: 

Marc enjoys playing tennis and basketball, as well as going for long walks with his two dogs, Elvis and Sweet Pea. Raised in a musical environment, songs of all types continually flow throughout the Corwin household. He and his wife Judy have been happily married for thirty-seven years and enjoy traveling in their retirement years. 

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