Dan Warbuton Joins 88,000 Strong Eprenz Entrepreneur Community As Mentor And Coach


Business leader and creator of Eprenz, David Wagstaff has recently taken on transformational coach and bestselling author Dan Warburton as part of his small team of select mentors and coaches to serve his 88,000 online entrepreneur community members.

David and the Eprenz team want to ensure their members get everything they need to succeed as entrepreneurs, especially during these challenging times. But their vision and mission doesn’t stop there:

“The world needs entrepreneurs and at Eprenz we are on a mission to make a meaningful difference to entrepreneurs all over the world. Our goals don’t stop there either, we envision a world of peace and economic equality where everyone is treated with respect and compassion.” – David Wagstaff, founder of Eprenz


And it would seem David and his Eprenz team are certainly doing things right as their membership has grown by more than 30,000 in the last 18 months – clearly indicating the rise of the Entrepreneur as the 9 to 5 has become more unstable for many.

Dan Warburton, a transformational coach who has recently celebrated having now coached over 1000 ambitious individuals who wish to change their work lives and writing an Amazon best Seller ‘Dream it Choose it Live it‘ (recommended by the renowned leadership expert Robin Sharma) is thrilled to be a part of the Eprenz team:

“In times when so many are facing such deeply challenging times due to covid and the subsequent lock downs, there are some leaders in the world, like David, who are choosing to courageously step up to support those with ambition to succeed even amidst such times and I am thrilled to be a part of David’s top team.” – Dan Warburton, bestselling author and transformational coach

David decided to take Dan on after experiencing his unique style of coaching firsthand in what turned out to be a true power hour. Says David:

“Dan offered me a session to experience his method of personal and business transformation coaching. At the time I was feeling stuck in one specific space in my life that involved a family business matter. I didn’t feel I had freedom to express my views and it was impacting me, my family relationships and the family business matter.

“Within that one hour Dan had me break free of the issue, set boundaries I previously couldn’t see were missing and provided me with a clear path forward. This has enabled me to rebuild relationships in my family and ever since elevate my business success. It was a very powerful hour.”

Asked what it is that is different about Dan’s style of coaching, David explained:

“Dan’s style of coaching combines skills and experience in business along with personal transformation. Personal transformation is vital if you wish to see what’s stopping you from achieving your dreams and aspirations. Dan’s extremely skilled at giving those he coaches the space to discover what’s in their way but rather than just working on a problem to be solved, in a coaching conversation he enables people to transform how they see themselves at a deep level, which gives them a completely new and elevated ability in how to handle a current life or business challenge. What Dan offers is immensely powerful.”

Dan explains why he accepted David’s offer to become one of the Eprenz entrepreneur coaches:

“At first I just really liked David and I shared his fundamental vision of wanting to help as many entrepreneurs as possible to succeed in realising their ambitions – and in the process making the world a better place. I then found that Eprenz is full of great people with inspiring ambitions and I was like a kid in a sweet shop! I can’t wait to coach more Eprenz members and to see more of them gain satisfying results in their lifestyle and their business.”

It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear of people like David and Dan who are teaming up to make a real difference in the world. Those who have a dream or an ambition and who let nothing stop them really do go on to realise extraordinary things.

To find out more about joining David’s Eprenz entrepreneur community go to: eprenz.com

To find out about Dan’s Amazon Best Seller ‘Dream it Choose it Live it‘ and to get access to his 5 Stage Entrepreneur Accelerator program that usually sells for $497 for FREE go to: https://dreamorder.danwarburton.com/

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