Mr. Frederick W. Newcomb: A Legendary Investment Tycoon

By Contributing Reporter: James Martin

Mr. Fred Newcomb has been the owner and President of Newcomb & Company and a registered securities principal over the course of a half century, has created numerous startling innovations in the investment world, stirring observers and participants to call him a “legendary investor”. Newcomb & Company, a broker/dealer and member firm of the NASD/FINRA, specialized in financial services institutional and mutual fund building, development and sales, investment banking, wholesale syndications and the development of investment pools for large financial institutions and international government agencies. The firm also served as a consulting firm in the financial services and general business industries. Mr. Newcombs accomplishments in investment banking have ranged from arranging the financing of Samsungs entry into the computer market in the United States in the commercial arena, to the creation and sales of investment companies in the mutual fund, insurance, hedge fund and venture capital industries.

Prior to froming Newcomb and Company, he was President of AIM Financial Services, a provider of software, systems, data processing and mutual fund transfer agency services to the financial services industry. Prior to AIM, Mr. Newcomb was employed by Putnam, where he was Vice President of the Putnam Daily Dividend Trust and Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing for Putnam and Eberstadt, initially doubling assets through working in the areas of load mutual fund distribution through broker/dealers, the introduction to no load institutional and retirement markets and the creation of the bank market for the Putnam Funds, which then became one-half of Putnams half billion asset base. Prior to Putnam he was Director of Marketing for the Scudder Funds for eleven years.

In the insurance industries, he served in several management positions at NEL Equity Services Corp. including national sales manager for equity products, a broker/dealer and distributor for New England Life Insurance Company, the firm that acquired Mr. Newcomb’s first financial services industry employer, Loomis Sayles & Company, where he was an officer of the Loomis Sayles Funds.

A pioneer of the mutual fund industry, Mr. Newcomb was one of the founders and directors of the No Load Mutual Fund Association, where he served as President. He also was a director and Executive Committee member of the National Investment Company Services Association as well a member of the Investment Company Institute and the Investment Counsel Association. His industry firsts include: the first cash management system for individuals and corporations of money market funds; the first wire transfer between unaffiliated investment companies; the inclusion of 403(b) plans placed into ERISA; the first mutual fund 401(k) plan filed and produced under ERISA; and the first international mutual fund management company merger, involving Loomis Sayles Canadian & International Fund and Scudder International Investments Fund.

As part of his practice at Newcomb & Company, Mr. Newcomb combined investment banking and financial services by building the Advantage Trust Funds for Great American First Bank, the Sierra Trust Funds for Great Western Bank, sold the original Pro Funds to the American Medical Association to create AMA Funds and did the consulting analysis for the sale of Stein Roe and Farnham to Liberty Mutual Financial Services. He provided the original consulting for the formation of the Morgan Stanley Mutual Funds, built the Alexander Hamilton Life Variable Annuities and restructured the investment company services structure for Riggs Bank of Washington, DC. Mr. Newcomb has also built international and foreign fund portfolios outside of the United States.

An integral part of Mr. Newcomb’s work has been the reorganization of the structure and operation of mutual funds and their service support systems to ensure stronger compliance, reduce costs, provide superior service and to increase sales and assets. The background and experience to do this work was at the many fine and prestigious investment firms in his earlier career that provided Mr. Newcomb with the opportunity to create, build, sell, deliver and support what became billions of dollars of industry assets as an NASD/FINRA Registered General Securities Principal and Registered Representative licensed to sell securities. 

Mr. Newcomb is a graduate of Boston University with a double degree in English and American Literature, attended the University of Maine School of Management and is a graduate of the Career Life Underwriting School. He has served on the Board of Directors of the US Boston Funds and Board of Advisers of General Defense Systems and other various companies.

As senior advisor to some of the largest investment company groups, Mr. Newcomb has always been a popular speaker for conferences and broadcast appearances and now under current conditions to smaller groups on his style of macro analysis as an overlay to micro applications and real world practical business acumen.

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