Fitness Expert, Nicole Cruz, Creates Unique “Fight It, Don’t Fear It” Challenge

Fitness Expert, Nicole Cruz, Creates Unique "Fight It, Don’t Fear It" Challenge

New York, NY – Dec 4, 2020 – Fitness instructor, Nicole Cruz, has launched her unique new Fight It, Don’t Fear It Challenge for single mothers and those parenting under often trying circumstances. The Challenge teaches mothers how to optimize their body and minds, “even when they don’t have time for a breakdown.” Early bird registration is being conducted online now through Dec. 25, 2020. The super early bird special lasts until Dec. 10, 2020 for greater savings.

“I create fitness and holistic health regimens for single moms and moms in the toughest situations to reach high levels of fitness from the inside out, despite being sleep deprived and interrupted every two minutes,” said Cruz.

The fitness performance, nutrition, weight management, and lifestyle coach is uniquely qualified to create the Challenge. She was dealing with the death of her brother, the grief of a divorce, a failing business, a back injury, and trying to balance a 90-minute commute each day while being a mother to a one-year-old – all within the space of a couple months.

Being a mother is difficult under the best of conditions. Health and wellness are typically well down on the list of priorities. The Fight It, Don’t Fear It Challenge is unique in that mothers don’t adjust their lives around a specific routine or daily time table. Cruz applies science to the life of single, busy mothers and designed the Challenge around life’s realities.

The Challenge utilizes mini workouts scattered throughout the day that can be completed in a maximum of one minute. They can be arranged in any way to accommodate changes in hectic schedules. All the body’s muscles are activated in a balanced way throughout the entire week.

There are no difficult diets, meticulous measuring, or calorie counting involved. Individuals learn simple and flexible recipes that can be prepared with foods normally found in the fridge. Participants will discover healthy, whole foods that don’t require any preparation and work in conjunction with the mini workouts.

The Challenge eliminates long meditation sessions and instead makes mindfulness a way of life. Emotions play a huge role in eating, weight gain, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Participants learn how to separate emotions from stressful situations, enabling them to practice wiser decision making.

“This isn’t a typical fluffy “something is better than nothing” mom workout,” said Cruz. “Most programs assume moms can’t reach high levels of fitness because of the obstacles they face. They produce a watered-down regimen that gets watered-down results. In contrast, my program gets results comparable to a traditional high-quality regimen. I refuse to settle for mediocre results. When life is tough, we busy moms need the physical and mental benefits of a fit lifestyle more than ever. We just need to be creative in how we make it happen.”

The Fight It, Don’t Fear It Challenge offers innovative solutions for single mothers and those that find themselves in trying circumstances. Her unique approach provides mothers with a holistic fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle plan that obtains visible results and doesn’t interrupt busy schedules.

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Nicole Cruz is the creator of the Fight It, Don’t Fear It Challenge, Super Busy Mommy Coaching, and Badass Moms podcast. She’s designated as a Gold Standard Professional by the Holistic Therapies Directory for professionalism and service.

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