“May I Mask You A Question?” lands #1 New Release on Amazon for Children’s Personal Hygiene Books

The Earth Leap learning system is a clever book series for kids that teaches essential life lessons through fun adventure books.

The Earth Leap learning system has recently released their latest book “May I Mask You A Question?” where Kids follow along with Lucy as she learns to navigate these changing times during the pandemic. The book quickly climbed the charts on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” where it hit the #1 New Release in Children’s Personal Hygiene Books. How normal everyday tasks now seem so different in her world. Parents may elect to accept or not accept recent changes to the world, but to a child there may be a sense of confusion. Lucy adapts and copes with these new changes with a positive spin on everyday tasks: https://www.amazon.com/May-MASK-you-question-Understand/dp/1732959781/

The Earth Leap learning system is designed to help children learn about essential life lessons and common situations they are faced with in life. The system combines Environmental, Hygiene, Behavioral, and General Learning into a book series where children learn fundamental guidance during each exciting adventure.

Earth Leap aims to help kids understand important subjects that are typically overlooked or not prioritized. The owners, Darren & Krystal Timmerman of Timmerman Publishing (the parent company of Earth Leap) said “these days, kids need knowledge and guidance of common everyday issues they’re faced with. Earth Leap books offer kids a simple way to learn about necessary life lessons while following along with fun characters in a story they can feel comfortable with and relate to. This is the key to helping teach children important situations that they may be faced with early in life.”

Additionally, Earth Leap exclusively sells their book series on Amazon through its popular Prime service. This allows Earth Leap books to remain affordable with quick distribution for its customers. “Selling our books on Amazon has positioned our company to deliver books quickly and efficiently to customers all around the world including Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, and more,” said Krystal.

The company currently has 4 hits on its bookshelf including Dash The Raccoon: A Recycling Tale In Central Park (Environmental) allowing kids to understand the importance of recycling trash, Octo the Octopus: A Tale in The Ocean (Hygiene) illustrating the importance of avoiding germs, and Barry The Bear: A Tale About Kindness (Behavioral) helping teach children kind gestures and everyday mannerism.

For more information on Earth Leap and it’s learning book series visit https://earthleap.com.

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