Lilly Babies: Story of Dreamers. A Real Example of Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities.

In a country with a long history of more than 7,000 years of civilization, one is sure to find so many successful stories. These stories share the bold steps that Iraqis took to improve their lives, providing inspiration for people who struggle with similar challenges. Today they are shedding light on one of those success stories in a country that has faced great challenges no less than the size of its history.

Starting the dream:

Before they launch Lilly Babies the founders did their homework to study the market size and the market needs. We asked Abdullah (Managing Director) about how they started he said, “Well, we applied one of the design thinking techniques which is empathy to feel about how moms are suffering to find and buy baby products in Iraq. It is not an easy process for moms due to the deterioration of the security situation in most of the Iraqi cities to go out and do shopping as in many other places in this world. To buy a pair of shoes for your baby might take half of your day because of the security lockdowns in many locations”. Then after defining the problem and the needs they moved to ideating. They start creating ideas and putting strategies and plans. They found the expertise and talents of every team member to use them to serve the project. For them, it was a dream and as people know dreams cannot come true without some sacrifices, so some of them left their jobs to achieve their dream. After building a relationship with the suppliers they thought about the port of sales and decided to take advantage of the social media platforms. They managed to create very successful pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (as well as a website and a mobile app) to show their products in an easy and practical way. They created a team that works 24/7 to respond to customers’ messages, takes orders, and answers any inquiry. They were very clear that they want a women-only customer service team because that can help and serve moms more.


They managed to build a very strong fast delivery network to make sure that every customer who buys from Lilly Babies whether he or she was in Baghdad (the capital) or in the village, hundreds of miles away can receive the order in 48 hours. They create what the called distribution hubs which are small warehouses that have the same variety of products but smaller quantities in the major cities in Iraq to help in distributing and delivering their products quickly. Lilly Babies used the technology to serve its goals very well. Despite that, the management head is in Dubai and the other management members are in different countries they were all work in harmony and running operations as perfectly as if they were working in one office. 

Social Responsibly

Lilly babies also used its platforms to help the new moms in raising their babies. They give the opportunity for women who have good experience in parenting to share their experience with the new moms through Lilly Babies wide base platforms. They were committed to offering parenting steps, baby nutrition advice. They also used their platforms to host pediatricians to give free advice for moms.


Lilly Babies became the first name for baby clothing in Iraq. We cannot ignore that Lilly Babies faced so many challenges, working in Iraq is not like working in any other place. However, in Lilly Babies they approved that a dream with a good plan and determination is the recipe for success.

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