The CDM Technology is Spreading Rapidly in China as the Core Engine of the Data Age

Entering the DT (Data technology) era, data has penetrated into every industry and business function area and become an important factor of production. As a carrier, data undertakes the function of information transmission, and various types of data interaction have increased to continuously meet the needs of society. Along with the trend of the era of science and technology and the tide of dataization, data-based management and security have increasingly become the focus for industries.

Data assets are the foundation for the survival of enterprises. The demands of enterprises for data asset protection promote continuous changes in data protection technology, from original manual data copy, routine scripts, system tools (such as RMAN), backup software, snapshots, and then to continuous data protection, data copy management (CDM), etc.

In recent years, CDM technology has grown rapidly in popularity in China. This emerging data copy management technology is considered as an indispensable weapon for the digital transformation of enterprises, which is the next outlet for the storage market. This transboundary technology can help IT managers allocate data copies to different users at a magical speed for data recovery, research and development testing and other scenarios, and even reduce storage space by up to 80%.

When data grows at a steady rate, unnecessary data copies occupy a lot of storage space and disorderly expansion becomes more serious. The solution may be CDM technology and its products.

In the past, many users may have never noticed the data copy. After data is generated, it is commonplace to make a copy “at random.” However, when data copies are “flooded”, redundant copies of the same data not only waste storage space, but also reduce network performance, making data access or restoring critical data tasks more difficult. At this time, CDM software can solve these problems by reducing the number of complete copies of data virtualization, effectively solving the embarrassing situation of enterprise data backup solutions. In the last few years, CDM technology has become the preferred technology to reduce storage costs.

CDM technology uses snapshot technology to obtain data with application consistency guarantee from the production environment and generates the Golden Image on non-production storage. The data format is the original disk format and then virtualized into multiple copies that are directly mounted to servers, being used for backup and recovery, disaster recovery, development, testing and other requirements. The key point of its technology is to centralize traditional data replication technologies and use various advanced data services, such as data reduction technology. More importantly, all things are done automatically.

In terms of resource, CDM technology saves the storage space resource required for backup. On the one hand, it changes the role attributes of the backup system, activates the backup data to serve various business departments, and changes the backup system to only consume resources instead of serving the production environment. On the other hand, it also makes data backup management easier and more effective.

Today, the storage area is still dominated by foreign manufacturers. Driven by the wave of autonomous control, Chinese storage manufacturers are actively seeking opportunities to achieve corner overtaking and strive to develop and innovate in some subdivision technical fields and markets, especially emerging technologies and product fields. For Chinese manufacturers, CDM technology may be a new breakthrough.

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