DEWEL™ PRO Introduces New All-Natural Flea Collar For Dogs and Cats

DEWEL™ PRO’s new dog flea collar promises pet owners a flea-free experience without the dangers associated with using chemical-based collars.

Just about every dog and cat owner is familiar with the dangers associated with traditional flea collars for dogs and cats. It isn’t uncommon for the couplings to trigger adverse effects like itching and loss of fur, amongst others. In some extreme cases, animals have lost their lives. However, DEWEL™ PRO new flea collars promise to be safer with an all-natural formula that keeps ticks, fleas, and a host of other parasites away for up to 8 months.

More than 150,000 pets (cats and dogs) lose their lives to severe flea and tick infestation. Not only do they cause severe irritation for the pet, but they are also infesting homes. That’s why it is so essential that your pets are tick and flea free!

While DEWEL™ PRO flea collars are designed for dogs, there are special natural collars for cats too. Cat flea collars can be found and purchased in their website. Both collars use a similar natural formula, ensuring each one is just as effective as the other but is designed to be comfortable for each animal.

DEWEL™ PRO’s new natural flea collar promises to eliminate fleas and ticks in just 48 hours. “It kills fleas in the shortest time as compared to competing flea collars,” according to the company. However, most pet owners will be interested in the amount of money a single collar that can last eight months can save. On average, a pet owner can expect to buy and use a new collar every two months; at $20 per DEWEL™ PRO collar, pet owners can potentially save around $80-100 each year.

Readers can find out more aboutDEWEL™ PRO dog flea and cat collars by visiting their official website

“We are all pet owners and are very passionate about our pet’s safety. In fact, one of the reasons why we were so eager to develop this all-natural flea collar was because we all agreed that traditional collars weren’t safe enough. The chemicals used on those collars are in some cases just as bad for the pet as they are for the parasites, which is a risk that we’re not willing to take,” said one of the company’s representatives.

She added, “Unlike traditional flea collars, this one is all-natural, with no adverse effects. Plus, our collars are water-resistant, and will continue to remain effective even after shampoo treatment, exposure to sunlight and rain.”


DEWEL™ PRO is the most affordable, natural, and effective flea and tick collar on the market. The collar offers a highly affordable treatment that’s free from all adverse effects. The water and weatherproof collar ensure around the clock protection for up to 8 months.

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