Vehicle Approval Centre Leverages Technology To Ease The Process of Vehicle Acquisition

Innovative auto trading company, Vehicle Approval Centre, disrupts the car sales industry with their range of solutions designed to ease the process of owning a car

Vehicle Approval Centre, otherwise known as VAC, has stayed true to their goal of making buying a car simple by allowing potential buyers in Canada to leverage their user-friendly online platform to acquire their dream vehicle without leaving the comfort of their homes. Founded by Justin Jackson, the Halifax based car trading company is expanding online under the concept “From Your Phone to Your Home” to change the way people buy cars in Canada.

Canada remains one of the biggest auto markets worldwide, with more auto dealerships emerging to meet the diverse needs of customers. Unfortunately, thousands of customers in the country still struggle to own their dream cars, particularly with many of the auto leaderships not offering the solutions that meet their needs. However, Justin Jackson and his team at Vehicle Approval Centre are looking to challenge the status quo by using online and digital tools to enhance the experience of customers.

Vehicle Approval Centre eases the process of buying cars, helping Canadians to get their perfect car in four easy steps. VAC is unlike many auto dealerships in the market, as the company takes charge of every step of the process, including auto financing, vehicle selection, and delivery to the doorstep of customers. The company has a huge cutting-edge 360° inventory, with access to thousands of high-quality vehicles, all offered at wholesale prices.

Since the company was officially launched in 2017, VAC has approved over 350,000 Canadians, with more than 17,000 cars sold across the nation. 

Vehicle Approval Centre has grown to become one of the most sought-after auto companies in Canada, with accolades coming from different quarters. “The service I received was great, they contacted me in regards to my enquiry about trading my car in and they helped me get into my Dodge Grand Caravan within a day or so, excellent place,” said Nate G.

For more information about Vehicle Approval Centre and their range of auto purchase solutions, please visit – Vehicle Approval Centre can also be found across several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.

About Vehicle Approval Centre

Vehicle Approval Centre is an auto trading company founded by Justin Jackson, leveraging his marketing and entrepreneurial skills to enhance the car shopping experience for Canadians. Headquartered in Canada, the company was founded in 2017 and has grown to become one of the leading names in the market.

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