Tomas Muzik’s New Book Sales First is Must Read for Every Entrepreneur in the Digital Age

Exploit the power of social media for your business.

Why do some companies make millions of dollars from social media while others don’t make a single penny?

Questions answered. Based on 10 year research in brand new book Sales First by Tomas Muzik.

Inside of Sales First, he will share results of his 10-year research and unusual strategies used by the most successful companies on social media to get new customers, sales and leads. Sales First includes actionable steps, case studies and tools that any business can use to exploit the power of social media.

The era of social networks is expected to permanently grow for another five to ten years. Understanding and implementing even just a few of these procedures in any business will ensure success on social media during that time.

Tomas Muzik, founder of SocialSprinters business platform, wrote Sales First book because he knew that there were a ton of other marketers and entrepreneurs just like himself who needed to learn these methods, so they could grow their business.

During the years he found, that every successful company follow the similar behavior pattern. In addition, that if anyone begin to model those success behavior patterns, will achieve comparable results over time.

The only goal of this book is to, in a readable and easy-to-absorb way, pass on the knowledge of what is working on social networks right now and what is going to work for several years to come. Tomas want to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs to adopt frameworks and procedures from successful companies, with some of them mentioned in this book.

For businesses selling anything online or trying to generate leads online – Sales First will help get more eyeballs on whatever it is they selling.

Strategies and techniques of SocialSprinters and Tomas Muzik already helped 30.000+ businesses in 36 countries around the world.

Release of the book Sales First coming soon. For special offers and more info go to

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