In a Post COVID mobile society, Lenme Uses Technology to Lend and Borrow.

With capital, and a mobile device, new mobile technology Lenme allows you to lend to thousands.

With enormous economic instability, unpredictable shutdowns putting Americans in and out of work, thousands are flocking to traditional and new sources of credit to be able to cover emergency expenses. Lenme, a peer to peer technology platform reports a surge of borrowers seeking loans, many of who are new users to the platform, users can request loans of $50- $5,000 on the platform. Lenme says it is very likely many of these users are new adopters of mobile financial solutions as a result of COVID related restrictions.

Lenme, founded in 2018 with a mission to provide an alternative lending source to businesses and lenders burdened by overhead costs and diminishing access to borrowers. Lenme now has a user base that many in the lending space envy, over 200,000 mobile users, thousands of data points on each of them, and a machine learning algorithm that predicts their likelihood to payback. In a mobile fintech landscape where acquisition of borrowers seeking credit can cost hundreds of dollars per lead, Lenme has become the go-to resource for financial institutions and lenders looking to deploy capital. Lenme provides access and loan management to lenders, their only ask, evaluate the data-offer in the best interest you can. They believe this competition, which only the Lenme platform provides in the market, will help solve the high-interest rates seen in the small loan industry.

Mark Maurice, the founder and CEO of Lenme, highlights the unprecedented opportunity for access to credit and for sources of capital to be able to fill a gap where other institutions both financial and government are falling short. “Lenme has seen a surge like never before. We founded this company with the mission to create a transparent and most importantly accessible platform for truly deserving Americans who need quick, easy access to credit. Lenme is built on a foundation that encourages lenders to truly look at the real potential of each borrower”, said Maurice, citing the lack of data most lenders have for this segment of borrowers. He added, “We are committed to being a technology-first company. We believe unprecedented data, the ability for lenders to compete on offering the best rates to borrowers directly in the platform, easy management of the lending process, is the best way we can serve the whole market.”

The seemingly laid back 35-year-old founder who is no stranger to technology expansions in unknown territories, having led technology expansions in rural Africa before, quickly turned his optimistic pitch of the potential of Lenme’s technology into a challenge for lenders. “We have the deserving borrowers, we have the data, Lenme manages the lending process. With technology, Lenme has the ability to change how lending and borrowing is done. All you need is the capital and a mobile device.”

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