Exclusive Website Identifies Covid-19 Travel Testing Locations

Today, Test For Travel announced the launch of its new, free website, https://www.testfortravel.com/, the only resource where travelers will find a comprehensive international list of Covid-19 testing centers. 2020 has almost completely shut down tourism, and people are frustrated with not being able to travel either domestically or internationally. Holidays and family plans have been cancelled and the airline, cruise ship and hotel industries are on the brink of disaster. However, some nations have opened up their borders and are again promoting tourism. 

Most countries are requiring travelers to pass a specific type of negative Covid-19 test before they are welcome to enter, and many countries will still require some sort of quarantine. In order to meet the requirements confirming that an individual tests negative, travelers need to know where to go for these mandatory tests in order to board a plane—with the knowledge that they will be able to pass through customs and enter their desired destinations without added stress. Testfortravel.com showcases the only testing locations that meet all of the strict, global requirements.

“We originally created this website for the country, Aruba to encourage safe tourism,” says Julien de Bats of Test for Travel. “We have been receiving thousands of inquiries from travelers wanting to go to countries all over the globe, who didn’t want the nightmare of arriving with the wrong tests and the risk of not being allowed to enter their country of choice. People are looking for correct and updated information from every possible country on every continent. They want to get on a plane or a cruise ship for all sorts of business and personal travel needs and to stay in authorized and safe accommodations. Travelers need our website that features specific information such as rules and regulations for every part of their travel needs.”

Test For Travel adds updates in real time as each country’s global travel requirements are released. The company knows that health and safety are the primary concern during the Covid-19 pandemic, so it assists travelers with the latest testing information for every country—allowing visitors peace of mind. If travelers finally have the opportunity to leave their countries, they are well prepared and know what to expect when they arrive.

Test For Travel lists locations on its website which have been sourced from government travel alerts, numerous travelers and customer reviews. Travelers will see global accommodation and transportation options. The travel information is updated multiple times throughout the day for the most up-to-date information. It is advised that passengers always contact the testing locations before visiting to confirm hours of operation and that facilities are open and have the required tests available.

Travelers can fill out their information to receive updates on new testing locations and important Covid-19 travel information and tips. The site provides travelers with up-to-date information on all available types of Covid-19 tests currently live and in-use. The company advises passengers to independently research entry requirements for particular destinations, as these can change both frequently and spontaneously.

Test for Travel is associated with Aruba.com, Caribbean Journal, Aruba Today, The Points Guy, Travel Noire, Aggressor Adventures, Go Beyond and many more.

For more information go to https://www.testfortravel.com/

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