Healthcare Worker Turn Game Developer To Disrupt The Industry With Hover Blitz

Kelvin Quijada launches Hover Blitz, a new action-packed game to challenge the status quo in the gaming world

Game enthusiasts might be up for a pleasant surprise with the launch of Hover Blitz. The new suspenseful game is designed to engage players in a unique way by bringing “a new twist to keeping the balloon in the air.” The game was created by Kelvin Quijada, a healthcare professional that decided to make the best possible use of these challenging times as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world.

The gaming world has evolved over the years, with the video gaming industry seemingly championing the growth. According to a recent report published by, the video gaming industry is estimated to be worth over $159 billion in 2020. Unfortunately, just like watching TV, video gaming can be detrimental to health as both activities encourage living a sedentary lifestyle. However, Kelvin Quijada and his team are looking to strengthen the family bond and create lots of memories with the launch of Hover Blitz.

Hover Blitz offers fun gameplay and is designed for sports lovers, spikeball, and an active lifestyle. The game’s timeliness is particularly great, especially in the season of the new norm, as it helps people remain indoors without suffering from boredom or spending long hours sitting down in front of the TV screen.

The Hover Blitz package comes with a USB rechargeable Handheld Blitz Fan, 2 Heavy-duty Blitz Hoops, 15 smaller balloons and five larger balloons, and High gloss quality challenge cards. The rules of the game are simple and can be adjusted to suit the players’ taste.

Invented and packaged in Southern California, Hover Blitz has already started to garner reviews from players across the country. “My daughter liked it a lot, it actually helped her with hand and eye coordination. Also the flexible hoops are really interesting, you can choose how easy or hard you want to play the game. I will say that the charging cord is a bit short but overall the game is extremely fun,” said Ryan Gray from Laguna Niguel, CA.

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About Hover Blitz

Kelvin Quijada founded Hover Blitz to create a fun way of strengthening the bond between friends and family. Kelvin is a full-time healthcare worker that decided to get creative while the world battles COVID-19. Inspired by his mom, who left El Salvador for the United States searching for greener pastures, Kelvin is dedicating his resources to creating a better world.

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