China-hifi-Audio Provides World-Class Line Magnetic 508IA Amplifiers To Produce Different And Desirable Sounds For Different Occasion

China-hifi-Audio supplies impressive audiophile tube amplifiers that offer fine value for money and generates smooth, precise, and quality sounds.

China-hifi-Audio stands as the best-selling Audiophile tube amplifiers company, offering top-quality audio equipment to music lovers. Their equipment is precisely designed to create smooth and clear music, especially on concert performances. The store continues to enjoy a wider market due to the nature of their products. Plenty of devices are accessible on their official website, and the store promises high-end audio systems with unique features. An added plus, every single product is an outcome of a plan in its own right, a compliment to all the zealous technicians who took part in the hi-fi journey. Like all music lovers, everyone yearns for an art form. This is the philosophy by which the company has established itself in Zhuhai, a potential place with an authentic, soft, sweet, and full voice. 100% customer satisfaction is key to these professionals, and they want all music lovers to have a wonderful experience with their product line. The company spokesperson said that these audio devices are well structured by experienced engineers who incorporate every detail and function into the machine for effective performance and durability.

China-hifi-Audio was started out of a passion for High-end products and the need to make ownership easy and enjoyable. Now the business takes pride in supplying high-quality line magnetic amplifiers to customers around the world. This series of amplifiers are designed with the latest technology and features for high-quality performance. They can produce soft sounds that defeat traditional systems and can work long hours without interruption or failure. The store has various systems, which helps customers select the best units for their needs.

China-hifi-Audio Provides World-Class Line Magnetic 508IA Amplifiers To Produce Different And Desirable Sounds For Different Occasion

The Line Magnetic 508IA is the outcome of countless years of research on the 508 triodes single-ended design. It’s quickly becoming the outright reference in the top-quality amplifiers world courtesy of its exceptional design and manufacturing quality. Weighing an osteopath-friendly 92 pounds, this sturdy unit comes with remote control and a removable tube cage cover. A hum balance allows for adjustment of the amps to around 120 mA. They use point-to-point internal wiring, and the unit comes with an infrared remote control for convenience. The amplifier has a four-position NFB and two high-quality EI to support the output transformer and output transformer. The additional feedback lowers the overall volume a couple of dB while a 30-second soft start is sure to extend the life of the valves.

The Line Magnetic 518ia is engineered with cutting-edge technology to ensure it meets high-quality sound requirements. It’s a powerful amplifier with 845 Single-Ended Triode (or SET). Two 63P3 driver valves are used to produce 22 watts per channel alongside the single 5AR4 rectifier. The motorized volume control is adjusted with an exquisite little compact aluminum remote, and the volume button itself is a stunning piece of machined metal. You can also manually check up on the bias and hum adjustment facilities. To protect internal components from current overflow, the amplifier features a soft start 30-second delay when you power on.

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China-HiFi-Audio is a proud supplier of high-quality audiophile tube amplifiers all over the world. The company sources these products from a major amplifier manufacturer and sells them to various customers worldwide. The store staff is staffed by experienced professionals who serve customers regardless of their language.

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