It Is Vital to Have the Correct Bearing and Power Transmission Equipment for Industrial and Agricultural Needs

It Is Vital to Have the Correct Bearing and Power Transmission Equipment for Industrial and Agricultural Needs

Earth’s population has been soaring for quite some time. Of course, the demand for food is growing in proportion. This leaves farms, ranches, and other members of the food production industry scrambling to meet the increasing global need. Since reports show that neither the population nor the demand for food is going to decrease any time soon, the struggle to keep up is only going to become more difficult. In many cases, members of the agricultural sector are incorporating innovative ideas into their daily operations to help increase productivity without having more of a negative impact on the planet.

Rising to the Challenge

For several decades, California Industrial Rubber Co. has watched this development unfold. Having been a top supplier of crucial products and equipment for members of the agricultural, mining, commercial, and industrial sectors for more than 60 years, the company is well aware of the growing and changing needs of their clients. They’re dedicated to continuing to rising to the occasion to help clients meet the new challenges they face.

Understanding the Struggles

Members of the agriculture industry are faced with quite a few struggles these days. One of the most significant is the current rate of growth of the planet’s population and the consequential rising need for meat, vegetables, fruits, and grains. In the last report, Earth was home to 7.7 billion people, and this figure is expected to increase by about 33 percent over the next 30 years. Based on a recent write-up, the demand for food could swell by as much as 98 percent during that time. Having the right bearing and power transmission equipment to handle the larger load will be essential for farms, ranches, packaging plants, distribution centers, and others in the industry.

Where Will the Future’s Food Come from?

Earth’s population may be getting bigger, but the planet itself certainly isn’t growing. In fact, as more people come into the world, less land will be available for farming and raising livestock. As such, farmers and ranchers must find ways to produce larger yields with the land they have. Many are using technology to aid in the process. Hydroponics is a significant piece of the puzzle because this technique allows farmers to grow more food in less space and with only a fraction of the water needed for conventional farming. Farmers and ranchers are incorporating drones, remote sensors, GPS, and many other tools into conventional methods for cultivating crops and raising livestock as well. 

Those types of equipment help members of the agriculture industry in many ways. For one, they map out viable land. Secondly, they help measure moisture levels in the soil, temperature changes, and other factors, so farmers and ranchers can use their land and other resources more efficiently and effectively. For example, sensors and drones can show farmers where water or fertilizers are needed, ensuring they don’t waste those resources in areas where they’re not necessary or overlook the areas that need them most. 

At the same time, the equipment available from is also fostering the process. By giving those in the agricultural sector the bearing and power transmission capabilities they need, those types of machinery help improve efficiency and productivity. They can also aid in reducing waste.

All Things Considered

Being equipped with the right tools is vital for members of the food production and distribution sector. This is only going to become more crucial in moving forward. Those who are looking for the bearing and power transmission equipment and other products they need to get their goods from the farm to store shelves and into the waiting hands of the public can learn more at

Population growth, rising demand for food, and dwindling land are only a few of the problems those in agriculture are facing right now. From pests to climate change, the challenges are bound to mount during the years to come. Farmers, ranchers, and other members of the industry are being forced to reduce the amounts of harmful emissions their operations are producing without hampering productivity as well. All this is going to make for a rocky road ahead, but feeding the future certainly won’t be impossible.

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