Kidzlock Offers a Unique Child Safety Lock System Great for Kids of All Ages

Kidzlock provides parents and caregivers with safe, simple, and secure child lock options unlike any others on the market.

December 8, 2020 – Farmington Hills, MI – All across the country, parents and caregivers are constantly on the hunt for effective child safety solutions. Of these, child safety locks are of the utmost importance as they can restrict access to entire rooms or even the outdoors, but they are not all created equal. Kidzlock is dedicated to making child locks safer and simpler for everyone.

The Kidzlock system is made of two primary components: the Kidz Bolts and the magnetic knobs. Parents or caregivers install the Kidz Bolts high into the door and the frame so that when they are placed in the “lock” position, the door cannot be accessed by children, even when the doorknob is turned. Then, to open the door, parents or caregivers use the magnetic knob to slide the Kidz Bolt. It’s incredibly simple, yet effective.

The creator of the Kidzlock system is Bob, a father of four, who has faced his own unique challenges in his household. He felt compelled to keep his own children safe, but many of the products that were available to him were either ineffective, too difficult to install, or too difficult to use. As such, Bob created the Kidzlock system to be completely keyless and almost effortless. Thanks to its unique design, adults won’t accidentally lock themselves in or out on the other side of the door, and they won’t have to fumble for keys just to carry laundry into the basement or get into their garages, either.

The best part about the Kidzlock system is that it works well for virtually any and every door in the home, whether it’s a traditional hinged interior door, a hinged exterior door, or a sliding glass door. The latter has proven incredibly tedious for parents in years past as there aren’t many options for properly securing them and their built-in locks are notoriously simple for even a toddler to operate. Kidzlock solves this problem in a simple and efficient way, which allows parents to rest easy knowing their children are safe – even when it comes to the sliding glass doors.

To learn more about Kidzlock and the various products the company offers, visit their website. For questions that aren’t answered on the website, contact the company at (800) 719-0009, or send an email to [email protected]. You can also find Kidzlock products through Amazon and other online retailers for your convenience.

About Kidzlock:

Kidzlock is a unique and innovative child safety lock system that is designed to work with any door in your home, including interior, exterior, and even sliding glass doors. They are relatively simple to install, semi-permanent, and safe enough that parents don’t have to worry about locking themselves in or out of any room in the home. Kidzlock provides keyless entry that is safe for children of all ages and convenient for parents and caregivers at the same time.

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