Virtual Teaching Materials Revolutionize Special Education

Virtual Teaching Materials Revolutionize Special Education

Virtual Teaching Materials Revolutionize Special Education

As Students and Teachers Adapt to Remote Learning

Interactive Remote Resources for Children With Moderate To Severe Disabilities

Students with disabilities are at an increased disadvantage as schools move to remote learning or hybrid models. Now more than ever, special educators require engaging, relevant, and user-friendly resources to help navigate this new reality of distance learning. Specially Designed Education Services (SDES), a certified woman-owned small business developed by teachers for teachers, joined forces with Mundo Pato, Inc., their cloud publishing partner. Together they created a solution that is simple, interactive, and can be implemented remotely with special education students of all ability levels – The Styer-Fitzgerald Virtual Teaching Materials. This latest cloud-based toolset is specifically designed to be utilized in remote, hybrid, or socially-distanced classroom settings. By allowing instruction to continue uninterrupted no matter the circumstances, students are given the instructional cohesiveness they so badly need during these uncertain times.

Secure Cloud-Based Platform

The Virtual Teaching Materials reside on the UnitusTI cloud bringing cutting edge technology to special education. This shift to the online platform provides an exceptional layer of utility. The cloud-based program provides an added security and data protection layer that enhances compliance with national regulatory laws such as HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR. Information and data are safeguarded from natural disasters and power outages. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit within a closed operational environment. With iKeepSafe FERPA certification, schools, districts, and organizations are assured they can rely on the UnitusTI Styer-Fitzgerald cloud to adequately safeguard the privacy of student data.

Multiple Functional Content Areas

The Virtual Teaching Materials come preloaded with over 5000 flashcards and meaningful activities, relieving teachers of stress and extra work. Materials are organized by packs and cover multiple functional content areas. Each pack contains numerous flash cards and important critical thinking exercises which are all sequenced from easier tasks to those that are more difficult. In addition, educators, supervisors, and administrators are able to easily add, modify, and customize their own content as desired, allowing lessons to be individualized for each student based on the student’s interest and skill level.

The Virtual Teaching Materials can be used as a standalone remote learning tool, or for a more comprehensive solution, it pairs beautifully with the print and cloud versions of The Styer-Fitzgerald Program for Functional Academics. The full Program gives teachers the ability to assess each student to determine baseline, develop an individualized functional academic program, and track ongoing progress data that is directly linked to measurable IEP goals and objectives. All of this is accomplished whether in person or remote. SDES has worked hard to keep prices low while providing multiple purchasing options to reach as many educators, students, and families as possible.

Live Interactive Shared-Screen Sessions

The Virtual Teaching Materials have audio and video capabilities built directly into the secure platform allowing educators to auto generate real-time sessions as needed. While engaged in remote teaching sessions, educators are able to provide reinforcement and visible correction procedures directly on the student’s screen. Teachers and paraeducators can set up student preferences that are automatically stored for future sessions. Instant modifications, such as flipping, hiding, enlarging, moving, and shuffling can happen live during a session when needed. The system is set up to be run with both verbal and nonverbal students and is completely customizable.

Building the Future

The Virtual Teaching Materials provide a platform for teachers, paraeducators, related service providers, and other educators to be able to run functional academic programs remotely with students in special education. However, it doubles as a teaching tool that students will be able to use in the classroom and at home to practice and reinforce critical skills toward independence. Special education teachers deserve assessment and curriculum materials that are user-friendly, comprehensive, and are strategically designed by experienced special educators specifically for students in special education. And students with disabilities require consistent, relevant educational programming.

Specially Designed Education Services has created curriculum and resources for teachers to empower their students towards their highest level of independence. With these skills, students become responsible members of society with the confidence to move forward into a world of opportunity.

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