Chinese landscape painting Master Wu Quantang global Art exhibition (Europe and America Stop)

Wu Quantang, Born in Quzhou, Zhejiang province, China in 1956, was the founder of rural emotional paintings with strong colors, He was awarded the first honorary citizen by the Shexian County Government in Huangshan City, Anhui province. Graduated from China Academy of Art, majoring in Traditional Chinese painting, Graduated from the first Chinese Artists Association Creative High Research class, National Chinese Gallery Alliance painter, Member of Chinese Artists Association, Vice-chairman, Landscape Painting Arts Committee, HongKong International Art Academy, Professor of Beijing Nationality University, Master Tutor.

His works were selected into the 11th National Art Exhibition and won the Silver Prize of Anhui Province exhibition Area. In 2007, it was rated as one of the top 30 landscape painters with the greatest academic value and market potential. In 2009, he was named one of the top ten artists in the contemporary painting circle. In 2009, he was selected as the “Collection of 60 Paintings of the Republic” compiled by the Chinese Artists Association. He has been invited to hold art exhibitions and lectures in 18 countries and regions. His works have been collected by the Great Hall of the People, Beijing,the National Art Museum of China, the Association of Chinese in the North of France,the National Convention Center of Thailand, the French Consulate-General in Shanghai, the Dutch government, etc.

His works have been published in more than 80 magazines and newspapers, such as (Fine Arts), (Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Newspaper), (Fine Arts Newspaper)and (International Art Gallery). He has published five personal monographs.

The brief discussion ofWu Quantang and his Paintings

Wu Quantang, A famous painter over sixty

“I’m a professional painter. I want to send the truest beauty and the most sincere love, to the land of my beloved hometown, to my beloved mother and father, and to my beloved relatives, friends and fans.” – Wu Quantang.

Thick ink and heavy color, as a vein of Chinese painting skills, It started in the Warring States Period, and then went to the trough in the Song Dynasty. Literati and officialdom stratum, Leisure ink techniques emerge as The Times require. Then arises at the historic moment. The literati of that time, in order to relax and amuse themselves, used the only ink, paper and inkstone to doodle and splash ink wantonly to express their feelings. It became popular inadvertently and was widely recognized and accepted by the society, which formed the mainstream of painting field and gradually replaced the heavy color technique.

Wu Quantang explored and trudged in the ancient art, seeking for a new start.

He visited famous mountains and rivers, wrote desperately, kept painting, trying to make a breakthrough in the freehand landscape of flowers and birds. Finally, the landscape of The Border areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui awakened his feelings of love for his hometown again, And the distinctive color and well-arranged emblem inspired him to use color to express his inspiration. At this point, Continues the tradition and new school of painting – XinAn school of painting emerged. Wu Quantang deserves to be the pioneer and leader.

He went deep into Shexian County, Anhui Province, where typical architecture are folk buildings, Pebbly alleys, the remains of porches, ancient letters and old buildings. It’s all the stuff he knows best. Now, by his hand, one by one arrangement, and vivid arrangement into his paintings. In order to highlight the architectural features and folk customs of ancient folk customs, it is specially decorated with thick color. As soon as the picture appeared on the market, the viewer’s perspective was greatly impacted and shocked, which immediately produced a strong sense of common and was widely praised by the world, and led to the hot dynasty of visiting the ancient times, thinking and observing the real scenes. Soon, the Shexian County government of Huangshan city was requisitioning him to be a “glorious citizen” for the award. When the “Glorious Citizen certificate” was held in Wu Quantang’s hands, he realized the power of his work — for promoting the development of the local economy.

In 2018, Wu Quantang’s personal art exhibition was successfully held in Hongkong.

On July 20 of the same year, “The first special auction of Wu Quantang’s Painting and Calligraphy” was successfully held in Hong Kong. This session of auction sold a total of 4 pieces of Wu Quantang’s fine paintings and 97 pieces of his personal representative paintings, with a total auction price of nearly 50 million YUAN.

Prince Sultan Bin Khalid of Saudi Arabia won “Style and features of Yu Liang” at a high price. Perhaps he had read the story from the picture. The fish port, which originated along the ancient Silk Road, has taken on a new look and is now witnessing a new economic and trade history between China and Central Asia and continuing to write the glorious history of the new Silk Road.

At 3.3 million yuan, “Xianxia Pass” is in the high-priced collection of Glenn Lowry, the director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. As an art curator, he is most familiar with the east and west of the halls of art. Although the forms of artistic expression are different, they complement and draw lessons from each other.

Wu Quantang’s paintings are poems and suspicious music. A painting named “Summer Ripples” was collected by Mr. Lewis Kaplan, a famous music player from France, at a high price of 3.27 million yuan. He saw the notes in the paintings and heard the orchestra.

His paintings have the magnificent beauty of ancient buildings, as well as the wild interest of nature. A painting “Style of Southern Anhui” was purchased by Anna Berlina, curator of Nelson – Atkins Art Museum in the United States, for 2.86 million yuan. In short, anyone can find his spiritual conversion in his works.

The total auction price is nearly 50 million yuan, and the turnover rate is as high as 95%, which is a record. This year, he was hurun art institute, included in the “Hurun Artwork Auction” The twenty-first on the hundred list. In fact, several years ago, he was evaluated by the relevant authorities of the state as a contemporary painter with the most academic value and market potential. His works have been scarce in the market for a long time, and now it is difficult to find a painting.

He clearly realized that there was no end to art. To express the feelings of the countryside and realize his childhood painting dream is just the beginning. There is still a long way to go and still need to work harder.

We believe, as long as he Never forget why you started, Has compassion, He will be on the road of artistic exploration and innovation, walking more steadily and fly higher and higher.

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