New Natural Skincare Brand Black Skin Beauty Celebrates Inner Beauty and Diversity in Skin Color

New Natural Skincare Brand Black Skin Beauty Celebrates Inner Beauty and Diversity in Skin Color

Here is the truth about beauty – what is seen as beautiful is a product of self-acceptance and loving oneself, reflected in the radiance outside. Black Skin Beauty, a new line of natural, mostly organic skincare products for women and men, was born with the idea of celebrating all skin colors, and this essential truth about being beautiful.

Black Skin Beauty is a newly launched skincare online store and brand. Most of its products are natural and handmade and free from the use of excessive chemicals. The core idea is that it is possible to get quality skin and hair care without applying industrial chemicals, and Black Skin Beauty is here to do just that. The brand was also conceived to bring equal acceptance of women of color, which are often seen as second class or merely tolerated.

The vision of the company is to provide high-quality beauty products that bring results, and are yet very affordable. The online store houses a large inventory of natural spa and beauty products, natural soaps, hair curl puddings, shea butter body washes, and organic hair oils. They also feature products for men, women, skincare, haircare, and many more. 

Many of the store’s products are made from natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Sunflower Oil, etc. This means that using Black Skin Beauty products brings users closer to nature, thereby eliminating side effects associated with cosmetic products with too many chemical components. Every item in the store is sourced using only high-quality ingredients.

For instance, the signature Black Skin Beauty products are a delight to look at and use. They include an exclusive 3-piece bath spa set with sugar scrub, moisturizing lotion and shea butter wash. There are natural body oils and a quality line of products for men, including beard oil, hygiene wash, and shea butter lotion. 

I know about not feeling beautiful or accepted when I was growing up. I was teased, called ugly along with other names, all related to my skin color. Our business appreciates the beauty of Black/Brown women because, too many times, we can be overlooked or not thought of when the word beauty is mentioned,” says Neka Cooper, CEO, Black Skin Beauty.

Black Skin Beauty caters to all skin colors and types, and its products are meant for universal use. The brand is the concept of Neka Cooper, a wife, mother, and entrepreneur who is chasing her dreams. Born and raised just outside of Saint Paul, Minnesota, Neka started selling online in 2010 and has evolved to having her own website and signature product line.

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