The Lotus Room Takes Meditation to Another Level

The Lotus Room Takes Meditation to Another Level

Self-care is crucial for surviving in the world today, and meditation is an important part of self-care. Many people struggle with this part and may need extra help with getting the best out of every meditation session. The Lotus Room makes meditation easier for these people, and the best part is that they can be anywhere in the world to enjoy this service. As a virtual meditation studio, The Lotus Room offers clients both recorded and live classes to help them keep up with their meditation without leaving the comfort of their home, office, city, or country.

Signing up for a class at The Lotus Room is the first step to healing and self-care. There are private classes, group classes, and corporate meditations to cater to various categories of clients. And with 17 teachers specialized in various healing backgrounds in guided meditation, breathwork, mantra meditation, and mindfulness meditation, The Lotus Room gives its clients the very best of virtual meditation. Most of the teachers have taught clients working at top companies like Google, IBM, Calm, and Tory Burch.

Aubrey Adams, the founder, was motivated to establish The Lotus Room when she saw the effects of the pandemic on people around the world. The isolation and lockdown got many people stressed, and anxious daily. Aubrey figured out that she could do something about it and even do it on a grand scale, like a virtual meditation studio that can take clients from all over the world. “I enjoy connecting online, as it saves time and is safer. When I decided to launch The Lotus Room, it only made sense for me to make it an online service.”

The teachers at The Lotus Room maintain an open line of communication with every client. With four virtual classes every day of the week, there is a 24/7 customer support channel to assist anyone who may need further help or have some questions. You can also chat with the teachers during your meditation. The first class at The Lotus Room costs $6, which lends credence to its commitment to providing affordable and accessible meditation and healing services.

The Lotus Room is a unique service that helps its clients find peace, safety, stability, and community in all ramifications. The classes are 100 percent virtual and ensure that every client can keep safe during these uncertain times. Diversity and accessibility are also two important things that The Lotus Room has enshrined in its process. The company is open to everyone from any part of the world. The ethnicity, background, age, or religious belief does not matter; what matters is the desire to deepen their self-care and spiritual journey. These meditation classes are open to everyone, from beginners to seasoned meditators and gurus. The Lotus Room’s goal is to meet the needs of everyone who thinks meditation should be the next step in their life’s journey.

Aubrey Adams plans to keep running The Lotus Room for many years to come. In her words, “In five years, I see my company helping thousands of people. I see us as a top meditation brand. I see us expanding from 17 teachers to 30 teachers and offering up to 7 classes live virtual classes a day. I see our classes filling out and the need for us to expand our classes from 100 seats to 300 seats. This way we can accommodate the amount of people that know about us.”

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