Intechtel’s Castle Analogy: Defending Against Cyber Attacks in Simple Terms

Explore cybersecurity, managed DNS network security, firewall with IPS, anti-virus and employee training.

Cyber attacks are becoming an increasing threat to businesses of all sizes. Employees might notice changes to their homepage, pop-ups, strange new programs, phishing emails that look legitimate, frequent crashes, or even complete file lockout due to ransomware. Unfortunately, these experiences are becoming more prevalent as technology evolves and is adopted by more businesses. According to research from Cybersecurity Ventures, a business fell victim to a ransomware attack every 40 seconds in 2016. They now predict that by 2021, that statistic will shrink to only 11 seconds on average between attacks. Although many people realize cybersecurity is important, it can be challenging to choose the right strategy and to understand what is necessary. To break it down in simple terms, Intechtel’s four cybersecurity layers can be explained using the analogy of a castle. The castle represents a computer or device within a network.

The first cybersecurity layer is managed DNS network security. This layer is like a moat around a castle. A large protective moat is intended to keep the bad guys from reaching the castle. In a similar way, managed DNS network security blocks, detects, and contains advanced attacks and threats before they can cause damage. This type of cyber defense uses predictive security through machine learning and AI.

Like a moat, a large outer wall surrounding a castle is also intended to keep bad guys out. A managed firewall with IPS (intrusion prevention system) is like an outer wall surrounding a castle. It provides an additional layer of security. In addition, a managed firewall with IPS uses rules to allow in harmless traffic or to keep out unwanted visitors. This would be much like a gate in the outer wall that gives and denies access.

The next layer is managed anti-virus. It can be compared to the Castle Guard. A knight’s job is to guard the inside and outside of the castle. In the same way, managed anti-virus both protects a device from outside threats and eliminates threats within a device. This provides a hassle-free experience to the end-user.

Lastly, employee training is like a royal decree given to the people. Although “royal decree” may be a stretch, there are certainly some important rules that every employee needs to understand in order to keep hackers at bay. If employees aren’t careful, they may unknowingly invite the enemy right into the heart of the castle. Intechtel uses online training and personalized instruction to ensure that each employee learns and demonstrates an understanding of cybersecurity risks and defenses. In addition, Intechel can create parameters and access barriers to lower risk from inside threats.

Each layer of protection serves an important security purpose. While each layer is effective on its own, the combination of all four creates a powerful defense strategy. Keep in mind, no company can guarantee 100% protection against cyber-attacks. But, with a combination of software, services, and employee training, companies like Intechtel can substantially mitigate potential cybersecurity risks to an organization. Learn more at

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