Demand for MUMUSK’s premium sauna suit is surging due to the trend of home training.

Sauna suits are functional sportswear that can reduce body fat by helping to release sweat. It helps raising body temperature faster than the strength of exercise. It has been used by athletes who have to lose weight urgently to prevent joint injuries and control weight. These days, with growing interest in home training and health, demand for premium sauna suits from MUMUSK, a brand specializing in sauna suits, is increasing.

Choi Hyang-hee, a designer-turned-CEO of MUMUSK who has been working in the clothing industry for 30 years, saw the sauna suit worn by boxers in the past. She realized that the sauna suits had weak durability and poor fabric as they were made of vinyl and urethane materials. In response, CEO Choi continued to study the materials and designs of sauna suits and worked hard to develop products for 10 years so that nonathletic people can wear it too. In addition, the company is directly responsible for planning, design, production, distribution and sales of the fabric, so you can experience high-quality products.

Saramsarang Co., Ltd. is the only approved company in Korea for manufacturing specific fabric for sauna suits by applying coating technology (No. 10-1893567). Made of ultra-light fabric, it is comfortable to wear when exercising and convenient to carry around. Spandex material, which combines polyester and polyurethane, ensures flexibility, making activities easier. In addition, the eco-friendly hot melt adhesive is not only light, but also has no toxic, formaldehyde and bleach ingredients, so it can release sweat with no harm during exercise. Furthermore, it was made with sensuous designs and was introduced to famous fashion magazines for the first time in Korea.

“At a time when exercise has become more important due to social situations, MUMUSK’s sauna suit aims to help modern people lose weight healthily with eco-friendly materials, light wear and cool design,” CEO Choi said. “MUMUSK has been directly designing, producing, distributing, developing, managing quality, and applying the needs of various customers for ten years regarding sauna suits. That’s why I recommend it to those who needs to lose weight fast and who already enjoy exercising but want to maximize efficiency,” she said, showing confidence in the brand.

Saramsarang Co., Ltd. developed a high-end training suit materials with patented silverhilon8000 coating technology and eco-friendly hot-melt adhesive brand MUMUSK, POINT FIXE a sauna suit brand optimized for yoga and fitness with strong span power, a waist trimmer sauna wrap brand made with patented silver coating FLEXGEAR, and an ultra-light innerwear brand UNDERSKIN.

Further information can be found at MUMUSK’s website below.


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