New Zealand EZZ Unveiled at the Second China Anti-Aging Congress in 2020

As the greatest scientific research achievement in the field of anti-aging in the 21st century, NMN, with the reputation of “elixir of immortality” and the leading enterprises in this field, are shining brilliantly on many national platforms in China. On December 6, 2020, the second China Anti-Aging Conference and the Summit Forum on epidemic Prevention and immunity was held in Beijing. As the highest national anti-aging event in China, outstanding overseas enterprises in the field of NMN are specially invited to attend the conference.

Among them, Australia and New Zealand NMN first brand, China’s NMN market sales champion New Zealand EZZ Life Sciences Group was invited to become the cooperation unit of this forum. It not only brought the world’s first fourth-generation NMN product, EZZ NMN150000, which is popular in Australia and New Zealand, but also shared the story behind NMN’s scientific research with experts and guests at the exhibition. The product was unanimously approved by the experts at the meeting.

It is reported that this forum, hosted by the China Association for the Promotion of Anti-Aging, invited leaders of relevant state ministries and experts and scholars in related fields at home and abroad. Centering on the severe challenges posed by the epidemic to human health and life safety, these experts guide the public to scientifically and effectively enhance their own immunity and improve the level of anti-aging and health. Among them, Cao Ronggui, former vice minister of the Ministry of Health of China, Wu Zuze, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other medical leaders were invited to attend.

“It is both unexpected and reasonable to see EZZ appear at China’s national anti-aging conference.” An expert attending the meeting said at the scene. The surprise is that EZZ Life Sciences Group, as the number one genetic science and technology brand in New Zealand, interacts so closely with China’s national platform. It makes sense that EZZ, as the best-selling NMN brand in the Chinese market, is a model for the NMN market to counterattack after relying on scientific research and innovation, so it is not surprising that it was specially invited by the national platform to participate in the conference.

The reporter learned that EZZ, as a major player in genetic science and technology in New Zealand, relies on the scientific research strength of the New Zealand genetic Research Center, the top three genetic research institutions in the world, and the genetic Research Center of the Auckland University of Technology, an international five-star university. It focuses on solving the pain points of difficult absorption, high loss and low conversion of traditional NMN from a genetic point of view, and is the first targeted flash charging technology in the industry to become the best absorbed NMN brand in the market with 98% absorption conversion rate.

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