Business Communication Management – Professional advice for business leaders

Business Communication Management - Professional advice for business leaders

“Business Communication Management” by Dr. Anna Rostomyan
Readers of Dr. Anna Rostomyan’s “Business Communication Management” learn what the Key to Emotional Intelligence really is.

In today’s globalized and capitalized world, Dr. Anna Rostomyan explains, it has become an urgent issue to seek for ways of healthy and efficient emotional communication management and communicative conflict minimization for the benefit of healthy interactions and effective labour output. Business leaders know, however, that this is often easier said than done. Often they struggle with the topic of how to include emotional intelligence in their everyday business decisions and communications. Fortunately, this new book is there to help! It consists of two sections in which readers receive an overall presentation on communication issues, as well as a minute depiction of the vitality of emotions at workplace and in everyday life. It suggests different ways both for professionals and beginners to reach peaceful interpersonal relations, which will consequently greatly contribute to successful business development, as well as to strong, effective and peaceful interrelations.

The book “Business Communication Management” by Dr. Anna Rostomyan is an engaging step-by-step guide, which gives all readers a deep knowledge on communication management issues and emotional intelligence. The book teaches readers more about the often neglected role of emotion in speech, their essence, as well as the expression and management of outward displays of emotions across cultures and situations. The author explains various emotion expression management techniques for the benefit of communicative conflict reduction and interpersonal peaceful relations, especially in the business environment. However, many readers will also find that the methods can be very helpful in personal relationships!

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