Technical Paradigm Takes Different Approach to RaaS Outsourcing

Tech staffing solutions company offers dynamic services catering to growing RaaS demand.

During these troubling times, uncertainty is one of the biggest issues many companies are facing. Organizations have had to quickly develop new strategies to adapt to unprecedented challenges. By reimagining IT recruitment, Technical Paradigm offers a range of innovative services to support their clients.

One example is RaaS, or Recruiting-as-a-Service, a growing sector that makes it perhaps easier than ever for companies to find the talents they need for their expanding teams by combining technology, data, and expertise. Traditional recruiter fees are priced based on a percentage of the candidate’s salary, typically ranging between 20%-30% of the new hire’s salary, and this expense can considerably impact an organization’s cash flow.

The RaaS alleviates the burden of unpredictable and expensive commission payment by allowing their client’s to have a known and agreed upon fixed monthly cost. While many companies are working to beef up their RaaS strategies, they are finding that staffing solutions aren’t cookie cutter pictures of perfection across the board and that finding the right services aren’t as easy as one might think.

The team at Technical Paradigm recognizes the trend of a quickly expanding RaaS market and is currently the only such company in the Chicago area.

“The common joke amongst developers is explaining to recruiters Java to JavaScript is like car to carpet,” said owner Michael Yahkind. “If you need further proof, look up the hashtag #recruiterfails. I realized the only way to change the perception of the recruitment industry was to take a new approach.”

According to Yahkind, their first hires were developers who saw the biggest flaws in the recruitment industry, and now, the company has grown to include these experience-oriented developers as well as entry level recruiters who have gone through extensive training and internal education programs. Technical Paradigm’s clients have peace of mind knowing every candidate has been deeply vetted by subject matter experts. Specializing in software talent, the company can take on larger workloads without sacrificing quality.

With Technical Paradigm, clients can enjoy a world-class recruitment service including brand development, materials creation, recruitment, and placement. When clients start with Technical Paradigm, they can enjoy a process that begins with a personalized evaluation and assessment. The company specializes in technical recruitment and leverages a team of developers to overcome the challenges of technical recruitment while also offering managed services such as business intelligence, technical digital marketing, chatbot creation, IT outsourcing, and project management so that clients can get the most from their investment.

“We take a strategic approach to your workforce needs,” said Yahkind. “Together, we discuss your challenges and goals. We implement a customized solution that is tailored to every customer.”

Using a talent pool with diverse and in-depth knowledge and expertise, Technical Paradigm works to ensure that each and every client accomplishes their various business and tech goals. Offering a hybrid model and in-house developers, clients can take full advantage of staffing services that include managed services. With the current void in the staffing industry, Technical Paradigm offers highly qualified technical professionals who are ready to work by offering RaaS, temporary, contract to hire, and direct placement. From start ups to large corporations, companies of all scopes and sizes can use the resources at Technical Paradigm.

Technical Paradigm is currently accepting new clients ready to take advantage of new opportunities. More information can be found at

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