Violet Afrika & Matiere Noire Offer Cross Services and Clothing for Positivity.

Violet Afrika & Matiere Noire Offer Cross Services and Clothing for Positivity.
Two brands, one purpose. Violet of Violet Afrika is providing personal and business development and healing services, while complimenting anyone and everyone’s purpose with subsequent clothing.

Violet Afrika & Matière Noire are two brands with a like-minded purpose: empowerment. Developed to create a well-rounded personal and business development mind-setting through the use of natural and positive sources, people are able to better navigate their lives with some guided assistance. The Matière Noire brand offers clothing and accessories that are both stylish and speaks to help create a better sense of self while the Violet Afrika side helps grounding roots, sacred healing, and more. 

“The goal is to help create an overwhelming sense of focus, purpose, and knowing one’s worth and what to eliminate from life. There are many steps involved and staying motivated can be a challenge. These services help people to become empowered, improved, and provides clearer thinking,” said Violet Kadiatu.

According to, there is a fifty-five percent uptick in the need for not only personal empowerment services but also for services that help create a light – so to speak – as to how to guide one’s life and build up personal growth and professional growth. Violet Afrika is leading this new way of thinking about life and business with its list of specialty services.

“Soul searching, speaking into existence, and envisioning your life are some of the more in-demand services offered. Not only is the guidance helpful but we teach how to continue on in day-to-day life with the skillset and enlightenment provided. If is highlighting how helpful services like ours are, people should be ready to look at the new way of doing business,” finished Violet.

Members of the media are invited to sample services, review clothing and accessory products, and to also speak with Violet about her business challenges and growth opportunities and how her story has come to help others looking to better themselves.

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