Riding the Wild Wave of Pop Hits: Presenting to the World Israel da Cobra

Riding the Wild Wave of Pop Hits: Presenting to the World Israel da Cobra
Israel da Cobra creates music that reflects the truest spirit of pop and rock, and inspires every person around to get grooving to his beats and upbeat music

An up-and-coming name that will soon headline with hitmakers, Israel da Cobra is a powerhouse of pop talent and music that will make anyone dance to the beat. Israel da Cobra’s first track mix was mastered by the finesse of Zisis Dtaeyes in Studio End Productions in Athens, Greece. The mix titled “COVID 19” was then mastered finally by the maestro of production, Michael Khan in the splendid SoundBetter Studios in L.A, California, and produced at the end of November in 2020.

Israel da Cobra’s grand journey into the world of music began while he played mp3 music on his Android on subway and bus stations and the world around him would suddenly change. People would get completely immersed by his vibe and would instantly meld into the groovy and upbeat pop mix, reacting to his music first-hand. Israel da Cobra describes himself as the first Trance DJ in history that only writes and produces top commercial music, to interact with the wants of the people. Confident that his music can soon become classic, he expects and hopes that his music will be performed by the big names of American music: Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Lenny Kravitz, Ed Sheeran, and Madonna – all of whom have been his great inspirations. Israel da Cobra also remains inspired by the artistic brillance of The King Of Rock’nRoll Elvis Presley.

Israel is promising to present life pure on his DJ tour and make the earth feel his musical beats and mixes like wild horses galloping along the wilderness of the earth and produce some of the greatest hits of all time.


Israel da Cobra began doing spin records at the tender age of 3 with his family. At 18, he began working on his first songs after he spent time running his own locations in Germany and working in many other inspiring locations. He has seen many adventurous and awe-inspiring days being DJ around the cities of Nuernberg, Mykonos and London, learning and developing his vibrant mixes. Today, he is a proud creator of the vibrant track: “COVID-19″.


Website: https://www.israeldacobra.com

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TcAHI-EWek

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com-u/israeldacobra

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