New Honeybutt Chamois Cream Protects Cyclists and Athletes with Manuka Honey’s Healing Abilities

The long-craved relief for the cyclist’s butt, smeared with cool and moisturizing Manuka honey, is here with the launch of Honeybutt Chamois Cream. Apart from natural ingredients, this cream for butt sores, ulcers, and dry skin contains the very special Manuka honey, known for its proven healing abilities.

Made by an avid cyclist and pharmacist for other cyclists and athletes, Honeybutt Chamois Cream is for everyone facing butt skin problems while riding on the road, going on trails, and doing single track or spin class. The cream creates a lubricating barrier between the skin and the chamois of the bib or shorts. The barrier works to minimize friction and chafing, irritation and formation of saddle sores.

I have created the ultimate chamois cream formulated for long-lasting anti-chafing protection and healing. Treat your butt to the best!” says Dr. Jeffrey Rue.

Dr. Jeffrey Rue, the creator of Honeybutt Chamois Cream, is not only a cyclist but also a long term care pharmacist. After observing the wound-healing powers of Manuka honey on pressure ulcers and bedsores that afflicted patients at nursing homes, he decided to work on a new skin cream that could work better than other creams in healing his skin chafing, saddle sores, and jock itch. The final product contains not only Manuka honey but special ingredients such as carrot seed oil, Aloe Bardadensis Leaf Juice, Cocoa Seed Butter, Capric Triglyceride, shea butter, and more.

Manuka honey is derived from the nectar of the Leptospermum Scopartum shrub that occurs in Australia and New Zealand. It contains a unique ingredient called methylglyoxal, imparting it special anti-bacterial powers. The FDA has approved Manuka honey for the treatment of wounds, and it has also been used as a humectant.

Cyclists and athletes who worry about butt sores and skin issues can rely on Honeybutt Chamois Cream for its special and effective formulation that has been tried and tested. The cream offers anti-chafing comfort, long-lasting lubrication, and pure and premium ingredients and can be bought from its official store.

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