REVEALED – Serial Entrepreneur & CEO’s Secret Life As The Goals Guru

Secretive tech entrepreneur helps others succeed by stealth.

On a dark and cold winter evening, deep within London’s trendy Mayfair area, huddled over his computer screen, a secretive serial entrepreneur and CEO, gesticulates animatedly over a video call.

At the other end of the screen is one of his many clients, or as he prefers to call them, special friends. Having spent over 2 decades starting, building and then selling multiple businesses across 3 continents, The Goals Guru, as he likes to call himself is now busy helping others emulate his journey to success.

It’s rough going. People are set in their ways with deep rooted belief systems and self limiting behaviours that are designed to keep them where they are. And yet there seems to be a way through all the self sabotage. The Goals Guru pushes through, challenging his client at every turn. Explaining, encouraging, admonishing and challenging, all in equal measure. Lightening seems to strike as comprehension dawns, the client has a eureka moment and the call comes to a rewarding end. One of the 11 video calls of the day done, a few more to go.

Of all the challenges of 2020, the success coaching business has been booming. As more and more executives look inwards for answers, the need for and external perspective seems to be much in demand. Unconstrained by location and undeterred by the challenge of distance, people have reached out for a helping hand. An external perspective, perhaps some wise counsel and some positive encouragement and some times just an external observer to state the obvious and reveal the secrets that were always hiding in plain sight.

Having consulted with over 2 dozen high profile corporate executives, CEO’s, celebrities, artists, entrepreneurs and even politicians, the secretive world of success coaching and goals achievement is now available to anyone who has what it takes and simply needs the advice.

The man behind all of this is Sam Singh, serial company builder, full time tech CEO and business junkie. With an international business career spanning 26 years, having built multi-million dollar companies in the US, UK and Asia, his wealth of knowledge and experience is now available for those brave enough to be able to use it. From a private and secretive consulting career over decades, usually hidden from public view, the website now allows anyone anywhere in the world to sign up for a dose of life altering tough love.

Huddled over his computer screen, the Goals Guru seems to relish this opportunity to really make a difference in peoples lives. Clients vary from business executives in multi-national corporate, to start-up CEO’s ..even an artist or two thrown in for good measure.

As the world grapples with uncertainty, the Goals Guru appears steadfast and resolute. “There is a formula to setting goals and achieving them and it’s tough but it’s no rocket science” he says. It can be done.

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