CTR Manipulation The Latest SEO Technique That My Media Pal Has Tested In A Live Case Study Covering Click Through Rate Manipulation

New York, NY – December 16, 2020 – My Media Pal a blog on marketing and money has launched a live case study on testing the new theory that CTR Manipulation works to help gain search rankings.

According to Co Founder James Kuck, My Media Pal has tested different variations of click through rate manipulation across a few websites including niche style blogs and local websites and had some unique results.

At first James and his team admitted they were not sure what was going to be the outcome and if it would show any type of positive effects on keyword rankings. They have tried this in the past with not much success but now believe they stumbled on something that actually helps.

You can read more about CTR Manipulation and also view the in depth case studies by visiting the full blog post here https://mymediapal.com/seo/ctr-manipulation/

Search engine optimization is not anything new but finding ways to manipulate or influence search engines to promote your content more has always been a game from the very beginning.

With so many of us glued to our phones and laptops all brands now fight for everyone’s attention. One of the best ways to do this is to position yourself high in the search engines so you can generate that organic traffic over to your optimized content.

This new SEO technique and tactic is just a few that has many in the industry asking does it really work? It all comes down to real hard data and testing. If you have multiple case studies with positive results that is a good indicator that you are onto something that every SEO professional wants to hear about.

The company and Co founder also said this is something for them to collect data and to better understand search engines and it should not be played with if you do not understand exactly what you are doing.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/VxV1ER3YjJ4

About My Media Pal:

My Media Pal is not only a digital agency but a learning hub for other online entrepreneurs who want to stay up to date on marketing, investing and making money online. You can also visit their Youtube video on CTR Manipulation here: https://youtu.be/VxV1ER3YjJ4

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