Kitchen Podular Teams With Bib Technologies

Alliance Lends to Further Efficiencies in the Quickly Evolving Food Service Industry and Introduces a New Consumer Experience

Las Vegas – Kitchen Podular, a Nevada corporation (“Kitchen Podular”), announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance and advisory agreement with BIB Technologies, Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered in Los Angeles (“BIB”). Kitchen Podular is an industry-leading innovator in custom-designed made to order mobile and modular kitchens for remote and designated alternative locations. The Kitchen Podular pod extends the reach of traditional brick and mortar restaurant and catering operations.

This type of remote pod kitchen or food and beverage service operations facility is referred to as “ghost kitchens,” but “Kitchen Podular” is a moniker in and of itself, redefining other industry concepts. Kitchen Podular offers custom bespoke solutions readily deployable and redeploy-able from location to location or duplicated for any clients’ needs internationally.  

Kitchen Podular is a cross between modular bars and ghost kitchens has advanced manufacturing and engineering facilities in Las Vegas. Founder Michael Manion is a veteran in the industry with decades of experience working with major brands. BIB Technologies recently introduced a proprietary mobile food locker vehicle based on an all-electric small utility truck branded as “Automato” on a best of breed proven EV platform. The Automato BIB Truck brings added value to the Kitchen Podular product offering and value proposition as an added feature set to their eco-system. BIB brings sustainability/mobility and advanced logistics and delivery to the Kitchen Podular platform. Like Kitchen Podular, “BIB” is a business in a box but on wheels! From the Kitchen Podular locale to your door, neighborhood, event, or sidewalk, Automato has your order and will be made available for any Kitchen Podular customer or enterprise. The two companies will move commercial kitchens off-grid by placing them in parking lots and using the Automato as a cold/hot-delivery runner or grab-and-go kiosk for the cities they serve. Automato, a homage to the Automat from the early 1920-30s in America. The company will offer the Automato service to all food and beverage vendors as a second location for branding and general sales. It will provide a turn-key solution with a low overhead as a business as a service subscription platform. The company plans to offer its subscription platform. BIB will also offer stand-alone grab and go units for organizing pickup for all food apps in day to day from ambient-cold-hot temperatures lockers as an add on of its service offering and a great fit to customer safety. The company also offers energy storage solutions geared towards off-premise locations, such as parking lots using Kitchen Podular commercial kitchen pods. Still, it is not limited to other areas such as brick and mortar by using solar canopy and energy storage, allowing anyone to lower operational cost.

BIB technologies’ key area is the software, allowing hands-free ordering and pickup and inventory cloud management, web and app base hook-ins, and data collection service for its vendors of service.

BIB will enable critical feedback to items, location, and time of service demand. BIB sees a future of sustainable mobility as a whole and bringing proximity even closer to the end-user.

AUTOMATO – This is the first patent-pending mobility temperature Hub-locker on wheels to come to market in a time of critical need. 

Michael Manion of Kitchen Podular stated that “This is an industry that had been developing for years and now is rapidly evolving. It is now widely accepted that this type of operation will be a common element of the global food and beverage service industry and goes way beyond the Covid part. We provide the reach and, along with BIB, a hugely viable economic advantage to both independent operators and major brands.”

Deloss Pickett, the founder of BIB technologies, added, “We are excited to hit the ground running in 2021, and having KP on-board allows us to expand our ecosystem dramatically. It is just super cool to think you can have an entire operation from prep to delivery in a zero-emission environment from a parking lot to our Automato pickup-delivery EV-trucks, and we are looking for those great fits to test out cities across America and help any business move forward.”

BIB technologies will help with the overall sustainability vision, offering an off-grid package to all kitchen pods, allowing the ability to be entirely self-powered for 24 hours, using solar energy storage during the day and battery storage power at night. BIB technologies state’s this aspect as a Sun to Battery to Consume energy flow into a completely zero-emission powered electric commercial kitchen. As both companies scale-up with brands out of the Corona Virus Pandemic, this partnership provides incredible synergy to the future by creating what Kitchen Podular calls Pod parks worldwide. Showcasing multiple vendors, seating areas – car charging – organized food app pickup in hot or cold- Automato kiosks- hot and cold chain delivery from the kitchen to the customer with integrated contactless software and even live entertainment creating a genuinely new sustainable lifestyle experience to the future of food.

You can reserve an Automato today with just a $1,000 deposit, which will provide a build number and the start of the DMV and City approval process. Is this your brand? Do you see a fit?  

Have questions – email BIB. 

POD Parks – A vision of the future from KP with BIB technologies offering a sustainable experience for food using nontraditional real estate.

About Kitchen Podular: 

Kitchen Podular (KP) builds modular ghost kitchens for foodservice providers, using their unique pod structure designed to allow delivery and pickup windows as well as rooftop seating. Based in Las Vegas, the brand focuses on minimally interfering with existing infrastructures like empty sit-down restaurants, old car washes, or any open landscape such as vacant parking lots to help events, retailers, and hospitality brands in food and beverage. For more info click here

About BIB Technologies:

BIB technologies (BIB) a fresh startup in the heart of Los Angeles. Sees a future of sustainability for automotive delivery to storefront pickup as a combo package. BIB’s overall focus is clean energy as a self-powered platform. BIB technologies act as a SAAS by offering turnkey plug and play solutions with pickup/delivery software for its product suites.



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