BPI Provides ABA Therapy Columbia, MO at Home, Clinics and at Schools

Columbia, MO – Dec 17, 2020 – Parents of children with autism and other needs are having an especially difficult time finding services during the pandemic. Candice Gizewski, founder and CEO of Behavioral Perspective, Inc. (BPI) wants parents, caregivers and schools to know they’re not alone. BPI now provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy at-home, in-clinic, and school consultations in Columbia, MO.

“No two clients or families are the same, so our programming is individualized based on the needs, strengths and priorities of each client and their families,” said Gizewski. “We meet every family right where they are, providing ongoing support and teaching valuable new skills that families can implement permanently.”

ABA Therapy Columbia, MO is available to aid youngsters in acquiring life skills and improving multiple abilities that includes communication, academic, and social skills. ABA Therapy also helps with fine motor skills, hygiene and domestic skills, and job competence. Each program is tailored to the needs and abilities of the individual and implemented by professional behavioral therapists.

BPI’s in-home therapy is particularly important now, enabling children to receive services where they feel most comfortable. ABA Therapy at Home Columbia, MO allows children to put the skills they learn into practical use to build confidence. BPI combines focused learning with fun, a strategy that has proven especially successful.

The specialists also offer ABA Therapy for autism Columbia, MO, along with ADOS-2 to diagnose youngsters that fall within the autism spectrum. The diagnostic tool is administered in a clinical setting and is the recognized standard in the healthcare field for revealing autism disorder. A personalized treatment plan is created to accommodate the child’s abilities.

BPI also provides occupational therapy encompassing social skills, sensory programs, and fine and gross motor skill delays. Youngsters learn how to regulate emotional and behavioral reactions. Speech and language therapy delivers services designed to help children articulate and express themselves effectively across a wide range of disorders from stuttering to cognitive delays.

The experts provide consultation services within schools for individuals, entire classrooms, and professional development for teachers during half-day or full-day sessions and virtual learning platforms. Whether therapies are delivered at home, in a clinical setting, or in an academic environment, the ABA Therapy in Columbia, MO, now offered by Behavioral Perspective, Inc. supports children and families every step of the way.

About BPI

BPI mission is to embrace teamwork to provide positive outcomes. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, BPI maintains locations in IL, MO, CO and TX. They believe in positivity, creativity, integrity, and collaboration. They want to see their child flourish. They do this through intensive, client-focused programming and advanced staff development so children can reach their goals through maximized independence and improved quality of life.

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