Perspective Report Highlights Hamilton As Canada’s Next Business Boomtown

With direct access to talent, key markets, space, and transportation, Hamilton is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after cities for commercial development.

According to Perspective Report, Hamilton is on track to become the most significant city for relocating businesses in the advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, food processing, creative/film and digital media, goods movement, and life sciences industry. Situated 55 minutes outside of Toronto, Hamilton boasts massive amounts of commercial real estate space. The city offers real estate for office, industrial, and tech space while providing biotech lab and warehousing space, which has been increasingly hard to come by. 

Hamilton has become the perfect option to those looking to be situated near Toronto, but are in need for a more affordable office, manufacturing and lab space.  Especially for the biotech industries, by offering up its bountiful development resources. Equipped with plenty of room for growth, Hamilton is drawing in biotech businesses with hopes of scaling up manufacturing. Hamilton is offering companies the space they need to increase productivity, conduct necessary research, and bolster manufacturing.

Companies are flocking to Hamilton due to its growing reputation as a global city, from its manufacturing to transportation advantages. Hamilton is home to one of Canada’s busiest and fastest-growing cargo airports, drawing attention from the likes of crucial cargo companies such as Cargojet, DHL, UPS, and Amazon, among others. 

Hamilton is also on track to be a leader in accommodating the food and beverage industry, as demonstrated by Sierra Supply Chain Services’ recent commercial investment in the city. By relocating to Hamilton, businesses will get the unique opportunity to expand their operations while effectively creating new jobs. In addition to physical space, Hamilton is becoming famous for its robust talent pool of skilled workers and efficient transportation networks.


Not long ago, Hamilton was officially named one of three Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) by the Canadian government. This title positions the city as a thriving hub for international trade, fostering the integration of more resources that will allow its businesses to expand into emerging global markets. As an FTZ, Hamilton is taking the reins as a critical leader in international trade and will enjoy eligibility for tariff and tax exemptions on raw material, components, and finished goods.  

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