Promising New Single “Sunrise” by Eduardo Released

Promising New Single "Sunrise" by Eduardo Released
Eduardo Releases a New Single “Sunshine” About New beginnings

“Sunrise” is a new single released by Eduardo. This song is all about new beginnings and how there is always sunlight after a dark night. The artist wants to focus on the beauty of second chances.

“Sunrise” was released on 5th July 2020. He has written this song to appreciate what they have and never give up on their dreams. Even if things are only going downhill, it is essential to get back up and keep trying.

Eduardo releases music that aims at making people feel better. Irrespective of what goes on in their lives, the moment they sit down to unwind, the music makes it all better. His music is charming in the way that it makes people happy.

The artist wants to make his listeners feel relaxed and calm through his new single. You can support him by visiting his website and following his social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Eduardo is a performer and singer-songwriter. He was born in Lima, Peru, and currently resides in the United States. Since early in his music career, he has traveled, playing music around the U.S.

He has branched out of the Southeast to California, Texas, and New York while also recording and collaborating with different artists and in other genres.

After receiving a master’s degree in literature and Hispanic studies, he released two albums and one in-studio performance. His E.P. “Rusty Strings” was nominated in the Toronto’s Independent Music Awards. He featured in local and college radios too.

From “Rusty Strings,” the track “La Farra” was a winner of RadioAirplay’s summer contest, and songs like “Hole in the Wall” and “Complacency” have been praised and called “feel-good tracks” by different publications.

His follow up single “Sunrise” has been reviewed by publications calling it “gentle,” “warm,” and “charming.” It’s a song about waiting for a better tomorrow and second chances at life. It was released on July 5th, and it’s available through every music platform.


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