Presenting the Pop Artist, Monica Martoff and Her First EP, ‘Vaporwaves’

Presenting the Pop Artist, Monica Martoff and Her First EP, ‘Vaporwaves’
Check Out Monica Martoff’s Collaboration With Diastrid for Her Latest Release

Monica Martoff has always been inexplicably drawn towards the musical arts, indicating that she always cut out to be a musician from the very beginning. She started out with just an acoustic guitar, but her natural songwriting abilities took her far ahead in the industry. In the 80s, she joined L.A.S.S. or Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase. Soon after, she met a music publisher, Shelly Weiss, who took her under her wing. Although retired, Monica’s classic pop music reminiscent of the 80s has captured the attention of retro music lovers.

‘Vaporwaves’ is Monica’s first EP release, featuring her partner in music, Diastrid. The songs are a result of the classic pop writing of the 80s, brought to life with the modern and refreshing vocals of Diastrid.

The EP also includes past singles by Monica Martoff like “Follow Your Heart,” “Leaving You,” and “Summer In L.A..” These were inspired by the artist’s time spent in LA, surrounding common themes of love, free-spiritedness, and soul searching. She models her songs to the works of Annie Lennox and Michael Jackson to constantly try new sounds that are electric and cool. Her music has been highly appreciated ever since it was featured in the film “Paint It Red.”

‘Vaporwaves’ is an introspective album that amplifies the essence of being free-spirited and confident in life. The largely pop sounding music is created with a range of influences from other genres to reach diverse audiences. With the reinvention of her music with a modern twist, Monica hopes to reach others who can carry on the legacy of her songs.

Check out ‘Vaporwaves’ by Monica Martoff featuring Diastrid, available on all major music platforms. To follow the artist or to contact her for interviews and collaborations, use the information given below.


Monica Martoff is a musician, songwriter, recorder, producer, and single mother of two kids, all in one. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson and Annie Lennox, Monica has been producing and recording music since the 80s. Despite having a hectic life, Monica has been able to use her musical inclination to her advantage and create her distinct music. The artist composes music with a unique blend of electronic, pop, and acoustic sounds with refreshing lyrics. Now, as a retired musician, she hopes that others will carry her free-spirited style and love for classical pop music forward.


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