Music Artist “kazaizen” Officiates Ceremony Between 60’s Psychedelia and Contemporary Pop

Music Artist "kazaizen" Officiates Ceremony Between 60’s Psychedelia and Contemporary Pop

2020 is a year marked with challenges and celebrations. The year has proven that whatever hurdles may stand in the way, nothing can stop good things from happening. Speaking of good things, officiating this year’s marriage between 60’s psychedelic pop-rock and today’s ever-evolving contemporary styles is rising artist kazaizen.

Jonny Kasai, the ingenious and creative mind behind kazaizen, is kickstarting a new genre for all music lovers out there. His unique melody, which bridges the gap between six long decades of evolving music, has captured the attention and fascination of fans worldwide.

An artist at heart, kazaizen first got into the industry when he decided to play around with his favorite tunes. Ending up with an addictive sound like no other before, he knew it would be unfair to keep it to himself.

With a newfound dream to start a career in music and introduce an interesting beat to the music industry, kazaizen released his first-ever track. The colorful music artist released a series of experimental videos, which marked the start of his YouTube channel.

Seven months after his latest upload, kazaizen made his debut with “Oranjtanman.” Launched just a month ago, the music video featuring an exciting mix of nostalgic and futuristic beats is enjoying thousands of views on the streaming platform.

Boasting the unique ability and talent of multi-instrumentalist Jonny Kasai, “Oranjtanman” is the subject of flowing conversation in the business. The excitement brought by Jonny’s sound had music giants and executives keeping their eye on what the artist would release next.

To their relief, they didn’t have to wait long. Two weeks after releasing the first single to his upcoming debut album, kazaizen dropped “What the Funk.” Although it’s only been several weeks since the video was out, the views on the latest installment to kazaizen’s incoming album is slowly catching up to “Oranjtanman.”

Released last November 22, kazaizen’s latest track has evoked an overwhelmingly positive response with glowing reviews pouring in. As the second single of the rising music artist’s debut album “Cyclops Dragon Light Switch,” “What the Funk” has successfully built the hype.

Having released two revolutionary music pieces, fans from all over the world are waiting with bated breath for the album scheduled to be released on New Year’s Eve. Not known to disappoint his audience, the psychedelic rock artist is working on welcoming 2021 with a bang.

At present, it is still unknown how many tracks “Cyclops Dragon Light Switch” will feature or whether there will be collaborations in store. Right now, only one thing’s for sure – with kazaizen’s album set to be launched this December 31, 2020, the new year is off to a good start.

While fans are waiting for this much anticipated album launch, kazaizen gave his fans a surprise with the release of his third music video, Telephone (All Alone) last Dec 13.

Listen to more of his music, a unique marriage of 60’s psychedelia and contemporary sounds. Follow kazaizen as he continues to experiment and introduce fresh beats, bridging decades of evolving music styles. Music artist kazaizen may be visited on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or on TikTok (@kazaizen). 

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