Replacing vs. Repairing a Swimming Pool Deck

Replacing vs. Repairing a Swimming Pool Deck
There are so many pool deck repairs and renovations that exist now that were not readily available options decades ago when many pools were built. Real tile and designs that mimic stone, coated with heat-reflective and non-slip protective layers. These decks are both beautiful and functional, and they’re built to last far longer than the decks before them.

Pioneer Pools has been servicing the pools for Arizona homes since 1982, effectively making them one of Tucson’s oldest and well-established pool companies. Pioneer Pools offers a whole host of pool repair and maintenance services, and pool deck repair is among that lengthy list.

Pioneer Pools has offered pool deck repair service for years, partnering with Backyard Boulders to provide Tucsonans with beautiful pool decks that their families can enjoy for many years to come. Many Arizona homes have stood proudly for decades, utilizing their pool areas for outdoor entertaining under the warm desert sun.

Although the sun makes the perfect backdrop for a day of outdoor leisure, it takes a significant toll on pool decks. The sun heats pool decks, making them uncomfortably warm for bare feet. It fades colors, leaving once brilliant decks a dull shade of sun-bleached beige. Time leaves them cracked and stained, in desperate need of both structural and aesthetic renovation.

Is It Necessary to Replace a Pool Deck?

It is seldom necessary to replace a pool deck. Such a venture would be a costly and lengthy process. Many repair and renovation processes can improve your current deck, fixing it structurally and beautifying its appearance. Replacing a deck is a costly option, sometimes amounting to double the cost of a repair. Pioneer Pools recommends exploring reparative options first, and they find that repair is almost always the most advantageous route for a homeowner.

Popular Methods of Pool Deck Repair and Renovation

Once the concrete has been sufficiently repaired, homeowners can choose from a variety of decorative aesthetics to add ambiance to their pool areas.

Painting a Pool Deck

Painting a pool deck is very simple. It’s a quick process that won’t initially cost homeowners a substantial amount. Unfortunately, the results are often short-lived. The Arizona sun beams directly down on painted pool decks, causing their colors to fade unevenly across the course of a few short years. Many homeowners find that they need to repaint their pool deck on an annual basis, causing this fast fix to be a more expensive option in the long term.

Applying an Overlay

Overlays are used to give repaired concrete pool decks a brilliant finishing touch. Once the repairs are complete and any necessary renovations have been fulfilled, an overlay can be applied to the deck. This overlay is composed of polymer fortified cement and will withstand years of use and sun exposure. Texture or embossing techniques can be applied to the overlay, mimicking the appearance of Kool Deck or introducing new patterns and textures. An overlay can be made to mimic the appearance of travertine, granite stones, slate, or flagstone.

Decorative Stone and Pavers

Natural stone and pavers can be used to enhance a pool deck. Many pool repair and renovation companies will remove and replace all of the concrete surrounding the pool. Pioneer Pools prefers the simplicity of installing these stone tiles or pavers on top of an existing deck, saving homeowners time and money.

Travertine and flagstone are among the two most popular varieties of stone for pool deck repair and renovation. Travertine comes in four shades – ivory, noche, silver, and scabos. These beautiful neutral shades will complement any outdoor entertaining area. Silver travertine feels upscale and modern, while the warmth of scabos travertine mimics the rich hues of the Arizona desert.

Travertine, flagstone, and pavers create semicircle pieces, also called “bullnose” coping stones that are designed to overhang the waterline tiles of the pool. Some homeowners prefer the look of a straight coping stone. Either design is possible with custom cut tiles. The perimeter of the pool is measured, tiled, and grouted to the homeowner’s desire.

The pool’s coping face is the area above the waterline tiles of the pool. This area is often a different hue from the rest of the deck, and many homeowners wonder how they can match this area to their deck without removing any of the concrete. The concrete can either be cut down to accommodate matching tiles or pavers, or it can be colored to match the hue of the tiles they’ve chosen with an acrylic cement overlay.

The rest of the deck, or the field, is filled with stones arranged in a pattern, all layed close together. There’s no need to grout between these stones, as they’re placed edge to edge in a perfect fit. The end result is a perfectly crafted, sturdy, durable, and beautiful pool area.

What Homeowners Can Expect to Spend?

Replacing a pool deck is substantially more expensive than repairing a pool deck, even if you choose to renovate the deck’s appearance in the process. Severe structural damage is highly uncommon, and a full replacement is often unnecessary. A repaired and renovated deck can produce the same results at a fraction of the cost. Pioneer Pools always recommends repair over replacement.

Every pool area is different. Some decks are larger than others, and others are more damaged. Your choice of stone or pavers will also play a crucial role in determining a final quote. Pioneer Pools doesn’t offer general estimates. Instead, they prefer to visit your pool to prepare an accurate custom quote for your project.

Getting in Touch with Pioneer Pools

Pioneer Pools serves Pima County homeowners for all of their pool needs. They can be contacted at (520) 881-7031 for information about their services or schedule a consultation for pool deck repair in Tucson. Their reputable and experienced staff will be happy to make a house call.

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