Alejandro Rioja creates new Zap to make automatic AMP Stories at scale

Alejandro Rioja creates new Zap to make automatic AMP Stories at scale

Google AMP Stories
Using leading automation tool Zapier, this marketer created a workflow to streamline Google AMP stories creation

According to Google, AMP Stories are a “mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories.” Hence, they are highly effective at driving new traffic to a site. In a case study done by the AMP team, they found that publisher Wired increased its click-through rates on ads in AMP stories by as much as 63%.

While the process of creating them manually is quite straightforward, making tons of them in bulk becomes quite challenging and cumbersome especially for larger sites with thousands of pages and posts.  

This is where the ingenuity of a pro marketer came in handy. 

Alejandro Rioja (@RiojaAlejandro), an SEO professional, who manages dozens of sites with tens of thousands of posts, ran into the issue of scalability, and producing AMP Stories programmatically was the only solution. To achieve this he leveraged the power of Zapier, a powerful automation tool. 

He noted, “You can make a Zapier automation routine that grabs all images in a listicle, and then overlays them with their respective title if you grab all H2 tags. If you are using WordPress, you can even connect it to the official Web Stories plugin by Google to have those posted to your site effortlessly.”

This automation sequence has the potential to disrupt big media players in the space that traditionally rely on lots of manpower to produce AMP stories at scale. With Rioja’s script, any small publisher will be able to create hundreds of stories in minutes, instead of hours. 

As it’s usual for Rioja, he will originally test this out in one of his blogs, report the findings, and if successful, will likely outsource the code for everyone else to use. 

“I love sharing my latest scripts and automation sequences with the broader community, the feedback I receive is heart-warming”, he concluded.

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