IPQS Improves The Standards For Fraud Prevention, Bot Detection, & User Validation

IPQS is a leading risk prevention service provider, offering advanced fraud prevention tools and bot detection for medium, large, and enterprise businesses. As a cloud-based solution, IPQS can be easily integrated into any website or mobile application. IPQS fraud detection allows clients to protect their entire company from fraudulent behavior with just a few clicks, without having to spend a fortune.

IPQS provides accurate fraud prevention services for business in search of protection against bots, scraping, fake accounts, chargebacks, abusive users, click fraud, and similar abuse. By using IPQS, companies can create frictionless user registration and checkout experiences for clients without false-positives or inaccurate detection against abusive users. Quickly identify bots and fake devices while allowing legitimate users to continue browsing your site as they normally would.

IPQS offers a variety of fraud prevention services to meet the requirements of companies in any industry or region of the world. In general, these products identify high risk behavior and suspicious payments without friction from false positives. Real-time protection identifies risky IP addresses recently used for abusive behavior online.  User data can also be fully verified for risk analysis against email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, and full billing details.

In addition, leading email validation identifies quality issues in email lists, such as spam traps, inbox bounces, and low reputation emails that should be scrubbed. These features significantly improve email inboxing rates so your marketing and transactional email can directly reach the inbox, instead of being blocked or routed to the spam folder. Low bounce rates are especially important for maintaining healthy email reputation scores with popular mail service providers.

IPQS also features the most accurate proxy detection service in the industry with leading data on IP address reputation. This data is gathered from exclusive honeypots and the IPQS threat network. This includes thousands of sites disguised as traps for hackers and cybercriminals. Global reach ensures that threats in any country can be quickly detected with IPQS clients protected from even the newest trends and abuse patterns.  Stop cyber attacks and scraping in real-time.

IPQS can be fully implemented on any site or app in under 10 minutes, with a well designed process for quick integration. While the services will continuously learn from your traffic, custom scoring settings are also available which allow the client to customize reputation checks and over 50 risk scoring options. IPQS adapts to fit your audience through machine learning, artificial intelligence, and numerous settings to ensure the most accurate results, without impacting a client’s user experience.

With over 10 years of technology, IPQS is quickly becoming the most trusted provider for online fraud prevention. IPQS makes it easy for businesses to focus on growing their business and streamlining operations, with less time spent manually reviewing users and payments. Protect your brand and business from abusive behavior, duplicate accounts, chargebacks, and bots with a complete suite of fraud prevention tools that learn from your audience.

For more information visit: https://www.ipqualityscore.com

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